Shrine doesn't show up

Okay, I just got control of the Quest for Glory shrine today, and there’s some stuff in the server space that my predecessor uploaded, but when I try to look at what the shrine looks like so far with his info, all I get is a message saying “This shrine is currently under construction. Please check back later!” and a link to the Join page. I reread the whole Join page looking for an answer and couldn’t find one, so that’s why I’m posting here.

There’s definitely a toc.txt and an index.shtml, so the main page should theoretically show up even if all the links are broken, right? Does the site have to be activated somehow? I don’t get it. Can anyone help? Thanks.

It doesn’t show up because the last person who worked on the shrine was already on the staff, and the staff has its own separate folder for work-in-progress shrines. I’m not sure how the powers-that-be handle the access to that folder nowadays. In any case, the link above works.

Oh thanks! I knew about the separate folder for staff shrines, but I had no idea that he was on the staff so I didn’t know to try that.

RPT is right in that shrine was being worked on by a staffer, and its info is in the staff folder, but wrong in his assessment of the problem.

When a shrine is abandoned, it is backed up in a special folder on the main forum (the same folder is used for staff and non-staff backups), and restored when somebody asks for that shrine. So the fact that Macc is a staffer shouldn’t have anything to do with it.

There was a bug in the system that gave people 403 errors when new shrines were made, but that’s mostly been quashed (now errors, usually only appear when a shrine is missing the index.shtml file). Sometimes when a shrine is “restored” via telnet, however, the bug rears its head, though (even if there is an index.shtml file). The same thing happened with the Suikoden III shrine, and I had to manually upload it to get rid of the error, and allow the shrine to be visible.

I should probably use this opportunity to ask Cidolfas why this happens, and see if he can fix it. =P

Should be fixed now. Sorry.

Hurray for Cid!

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Thanks, the original link I was sent works now. :slight_smile:

So, I’m just curious…why did Macc abandon the shrine? Just too busy, or was there something difficult about the game that I should know about?

Who really knows? You’d have to ask him yourself, but the general issuses with dropped shrines are usually a lack of time, or just no longer having the desire to work on it anymore.

I don’t think it was because there was anything particularly difficult about shrining Quest For Glory. Macc’s been around less and less for the past several years, so it’s probably just due to a lack of time and interest.

Sorry, I have another question. Pages I’ve uploaded have a little message from Merlin attached at the top, but files that were there from Macc don’t. What’s the difference, and what do I have to do to make that message go away?

It could be that Macc was using older templates. The easiest way to fix that is to copy the content of each page into a template.

We want the message there though, it’ll automatically get removed once it’s released.

And Xelo is right<!–for once…–>, the message displays on your stuff but not Macc’s stuff since Macc is using several-years old templates. The current ones have some integrated php in the header and footer, displaying that message and setting background attributes and whatnot. Keep it.

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