Shrine Advice Needed

Starting the enemy list for MegaMan Battle Network 3, after finally getting my collegework out of the way.

I was gonna do it the A-M, O-Z way, or by areas, but every enemy in MMBN3 comes in basically four different-coloured versions, each with only slightly different attacks, with a number after it (ie Ratton1, Ratton2 etc). Sooooo, I’ve considered giving each enemy a different sub-page, and list the four ‘ranks’ within that. I dunno.

I defer to your superior experience. Advise me.

<img src=“”> A-M, O-Z way with each enemy “family tree” in a seperate table.

Yeah, I thought about doing that, but the ‘family’ idea has the drawback that a few of them don’t have easily categorised names. I’m probably just going to end up going with the normal alphabetical way.

I think he meant something like this, although I didn’t separate each family into different tabels

The only things, if I recall, you need to list for the MMBN virus is Name, HP, Weakness, and attacks. So It shouldn’t be too much…

Yeah, mine’s a lot simpler than yours is, thank Christ. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do what TD said and don’t forget to put in locations.

Yeah, I was going to suggest SS’s monster page but he beat me to it. Damn you, SS for knowing your own shrine better than I!

Uhm, Country, that’s my fugging JOB.

Do both and we’ll tell you what looks better.

Well, there are only about 160 enemies, divided by 8 areas, so it’s not the biggest or toughestjob ever. Just the most tedious, since I have no rom hacking skills and I didn’t memorise each enemies abilities. Hell, there are far more chips to collect than enemies to kill, and I have all those.

EDIT: Oh, there’s also the fact that if you’re anything like me, you’re just going to go right ahead and kill them, and the names of the enemies are only ever displayed once at the start of the battle, in the top-right corner.

Rom hacking isn’t all that hard to learn. If you think you’d like to read a little about it.