Shrek 2

Funny . As . Hell

anybody else?

Yeah, I saw it today. It was funnier than the original, but I would say that the first one was a better movie. A film student pointed out a good reason for that - even more than the original, Shrek 2 relies on the knowledge of the watcher. Their knowledge of other media (such as The Fabulous Baker Boys, to name one example I noted) directly influences their enjoyment of the movie.

Still, I think it’s worth a watch, depending on the price of tickets.

I felt the first was totally overrated.

Then they make a bunch of crap games based on it.

It’s like Disney for crying out loud.

Really? Because Shrek 1 was fucking hilarious…

Yeah, gotta agree, 1 was funny as hell. I’m looking forward to going and seeing 2.

Havn’t seen it yet, but want to.

I’m going to see the movie tomorrow afternoon. =)

beauty and the beast is such a rip off of Shrek

That’s what I thought too. Shrek was just far too kiddie for me to consider watching. I might see it sometime though, only because my gf likes it.

Didn’t Dreamworks produce Shrek, and not Disney (as far as I know they’re two separate companies…I could be wrong)?

Shrek was pretty hilarious too, heh…though I’m always wary of sequels to kids’ movies. I’ll probably end up seeing it at some point though in the theaters, with one or the other of my sisters.

well one thing is for sure, some of the stuff in the movie (comedy-wise) can’t be easily understood by children alone. It’s a movie for everyone.

I’ll go see it. I saw Shrek and loved it…

Loved the original, gonna have to see the new one.

Hades won’t see a movie unless there are at least 2 acts of corpse desicration, 6 huge explosions with the hero flying away from it due to the impact of the explosion, and at least 3 boobs (one can be covered up in one of the shots).

I wont’ comment, as the comment I’d make in addition to that would probably get me banned.

Blue mage wont comment unless he can exploit an opportunity to take something someone said and exaggerate it to a completely absurd extreme that was completely beyond any meaning the original speaker intended.

I just saw it last night. It’s one of the few movies I’ve seen where I’ve missed jokes because the audience was laughing so loud. Good stuff.

hades doesn’t quite know how to take a joke

I saw the movie this afternoon with my mom and my brother. We all loved it. =)

I do have to agree with a review that I read (I think it was from CNN, but I can’t remember for sure). This movie was almost too nice in comparison to the original - the first movie had this biting wit about it (for example, the Disney bashing throughout) that the second movie lacked.