Shouldn't this have been for the ps1 or N64??


I guess its just supposed to be reminesint of the old 3d games from the dark mists of the 90’s

Shit! Thats the best looking game I’ve seen in a long time, any details?

It reminds me of 3D snes games…

Hey I remember this! I vaguely remember PS2 mini-previews of it, and then it sunk into oblivion.

Please, someone shoot Capcom’s cel-shading artists. I cannot, and I do mean cannot, take much more of this.

Don’t knock it yet, I hear is going to be a very different and initiative game

Am I like, the ONLY one who likes the Capcom Cel-Shading? I think that looks really good. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s got that comic style look that Viewtiful Joe has.

Reminds me of the first Alone in the Dark game…the graphics were outdated by the time I got the game, but it was hella fun to play. ^^

It looks very unique, the art style. There’s also some interesting viewpoints.

I liked Crimson Tears’ cel-shading. That’s it.

The shadows are exaggerated beyond just about any game I’ve played. =P

It does look interesting. At first it appears to be a little outdated in the 3d characteristic, but if you actually look at it, you can tell that there are actually a good number of pixels at work.
If you consider how some things load with too many pixels, it could be better anyway.

vomits I think I saw something like that on 32x once…

Ugh, it looks like someone filled a bag with cel shading and beat it against a ceiling fan.

It also sort of reminds me of the cutscenes from Interstate76.

I’m pretty sure it’ll look a lot nicer in motion. Still screenshots just don’t do cellshading justice.

Dalton’s right saying that screens TEND to not give celshading justice. I was just appalled at how bad it looked, because as Hades and others have refered to, it looks like SNES 3d graphics :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh. Remember Rise of the Robots? Clay Fighter? :smiley:

It actually looks good in motion. I saw some videos from E3 or something and I was relatively impressed by it, but then again I like the looks of most cel-shading games.

Oh my God. That looks terrible. I would fucking puke if I had to watch something like that for more than 10 minutes. O_o I normally LOVE cel-shading, but to me, that is just shit, like they threw it together in a day.