Should I start a new game in FFX?

Because I beat it twice and I have three memory cards.

If you ever plan on playing FFX-2, the answer is no, because you’ll get really sick of Spira. Otherwise, sure, knock yourself out. I have only one memory card, had it since 2001, and it’s only half full.

Yeah, you’ll get burned out on spira that way. REally burned out.

Ok thanks and I’ll already play and beat FFX-2 3 times.

I Forced Myself to Finish FFX before I could go out and Buy FFX-2 that had just came out, but ya, I had a mega Burn out in Chapter 3 Second time. So basicly 10 Trip’s of Spira, from Besaid to Zanakand, was my limit.

Maybe you should play something different

Yeah, get FF11 and explore Vanadiel !