Should I get homefront or crysis2?

Ok I have the xbox360&ps3 but I want to get a new game should I get crysis2 or homefront?? And if so which system should I get it on?

Flip a coin, they’re both the same.

New question: Homefront of Black Ops?

I hear that Call of Battlefield Honor game is pretty good. It has a MASSIVE 6 hour single player campaign and all sorts of online shooty stuff!

I’d say Black Ops has the best campaign of any Call of Duty games, which is much longer than six hours. But I’ve got Crysis 2 (for the 360) and it is indeed a blast. Very addictive game play and marvelous looking. I’m curious about Homefront though, I’ve considered picking it up used.

This is a lame joke, or slight or… whatever it was. You just sound bitter; like all the cool kids play the games you suck at.

More like all the cool kids play the games that suck.

I’m torn between the two. I normally dont’ play first person shooter because I suck at them, but my friend has them both and wants me to get one to play online. Then again, with the PSN being down, who knows when I’ll get the chance.

Black Ops is better than homefront …This game is incredible, the best one yet. The story mode is intense. you wont know whats going on untill the verry end.

You won’t ever really know what’s going on in black ops for the first ten minutes, then the round ends and you move on to the next map. I hope this turns into a CoD hate thread.

What the frick people, I ask a simple question and everyone goes nuts and wants to start a war?

Considering that the PSN is down again, it might be better to go with the one that doesn’t require it’s use.

Also, it might behoove you to check your various accounts for unusual activity.

I’ve already been doing that. So far so good.

Black Ops was better than Crysis2, I’ll say that. It was probably the best CoD campaign yet. I haven’t really looked at Homefront at all.