shiny shiny!

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Cool characters, but why would a warewolf need artifical claws?

Yum. :yipee:

To keep his other claws clean!

And damn, this looks nice…

Nessa, your sig is addictive.

Kickass looking game, though a winter release seems far off.

Games like that make me wish I had a current-generation console…

That game looks awesome, and yeah Nessa’s signature is really entertaining lmao

The page won’t load on the crap school computers. Post things with more substance than “awesome!” plz. :3

I think I read about this somewhere before, and I must say, the characters do indeed look nifty.

… and no one, so far, has even mentioned the name of the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shining Tears, while looking like a great game I can’t wait for, is nowhere near as anticipated by me as the upcoming completely new (read: not GBA remake) Shining Force coming out next year.

Now I just need to get a copy of Shining Force III…

As for the werewolf, he looks like a combination of Doyle (Shining the Holy Ark) and Zyle (Shining Force). Doyle, while a cool character, sucked in combat when compared to, oh, everyone. Zyle was just plain badass.

<Weird characters.>

Ah. IonMage and I thought it might be La Pucelle Tactics. But yeah, this looks spiffy.

This game looks great,and isn’t this the next shining force because the Sega website of it says Shining Force.

GOD Zylo just kicked ass. He was ALWAYS in my team, unless I was levelling others.

Personally, I just can’t wait for the remake.

Zylo did rock quite hard, but one of my favorate guys will ALWAYS be Domingo. The little flying squid-thing with more magical power than you’ll EVER need. ^^

The elf puts me off, otherwise, looks good.

No. The 2005 Shining game will be a straight up pure Force (hopefully). Shining Tears is more of an action RPG with a main character and a chooseable secondary character (think SD3 but with only two in that regard).

Edit: It will be interesting to see how this new Shining game affects the landscape and overall storyline of the Shining series. Maybe it’ll somehow connect StHA/SF3 to the rest of the series more concretely, although I’ve heard the Shining Souls connect SF3 to the first game.