Shave ice is sooo gooood

Mmmmm! I had some shave ice today. I had cherry watermelon and pineapple. SO GOOD! They did this thing where they poured some icing or somthing on it. called an angels halo. MMMPH! Anyone else like shave ice? Whats your favorite flavor? Whats your favourite frozen treat?

shaved ice is pretty good stuff man. i had it when i was in this broken down trailer park place one time when i was a kid, i forget where it was, but man those people sure made some good shaved ice!

It really is.

Shaved ice is my least favorite frozen stuff. I prefer blizzards or however it’s called. It always changes name depending on where you get it.


Chocolate, actually.

What is Shaved Ice?

Shaved ice is about as good as shaving on a daily basis; it sucks. >:(

it’s ok… but there are many other frozen things I’d rather eat.

I love shaved ice. I prefer cherry or lemon. But when they put in lemon, it tastes just like frozen lemonade, which is my favorite frozen treat.

Pineapple whip, yo. :smiley:

I’d prefer shaved Trillian, if you catch my drift. WINK!

You want Trillian to be bald? :open_mouth:


I prefer Trillian UNDERGLASS


shaved ice is pretty good I think. I’m not sure if what I’m thinking of is shaved ice.

Are you thinking of flavored snow? Then ya, that’s basically what it is. Only the snow is atificial.

The best shaved Ice I ever had was at this place in Hawaii called Scandinavian shaved ice, where they put iced cream/frozen yogurt in the center, which made it creamy too. They also did tri-flavour things, and I got a banana/watermelon/rasberry. It was the best shit I’ve ever had.