Shaman King comming to US

Well it’s offical 4Kids has bought the rights for Shaman King

And here if you want the official stuff

Any thoughts, flames, hopes? I’ve only seen 1 episode so I can’t provide much infomation about the series.

Manga is better… more violent and you get all of the story instead of cut up parts like the animated series

I herd that a few shows do that like Kenshin for filler or something.

Ick shaman king, that was a pretty bad one that i saw in anime club.

The manga is much better. And if 4Kids got it, we know they’ll have dubs screwed up more than any FUNi could do, since 4Kids has Pokemon…
Now, if Naruto is touched by any bad/shitty company, I’ll be in my room, crying in a corner, rocking myself while staring at my comp which is playing subbed eps, and reading the manga. Oh well. Hopefully they won’t fuck it up too badly. I do know that FUNi is going to license One Piece (how I know, I will never tell) in the future, and ONe Piece is pretty good. Anyway, FUNi ain’t all that bad when it comes to some voices, its just the changing and stupid dialogue they throw in.
Anyway, I now have a reason to get up on Saturday mornings :stuck_out_tongue: