Shadow of the Colossus

I know I’m a bit late (It came out sometime in October, I believe. I chose RE4 over it, though), but I picked this game up yesterday; and I must say, it is incredible. When it first came out in October 2005, it got terrible reviews. Lack of a real storyline, etc was pretty much the reason for this. This makes me believe some reviewers should be banned from every Qwerty keyboard ever made.

I’m sure you all know what it’s about; you go in a forbidden land to seek a way to revive female love interest, but to do so you must kill 16 giants made of stone and hair, etc, etc, etc.

Seems pretty boring, huh? Part of it is, yes. Going to the locales of the colossi is very boring, and time-consuming. I remember taking like 20 minutes just looking around a mountain for an opening. But when it came to the actual battles, they were unmatched by any other game made. I’m glad the makers of ICO actually made a decent prequel (or sequel, depends how you see the story).

When one thinks of colossuses (or colossi), you’d think of bipedal stone walkers, right? Wrong. Here is a list of each colossi.

1st = Land Bipedal Colossus with a club
2nd = Land Quadripedal Colossus, resembles amphibian
3rd = Land Bipedal Colossus, wierds a large sword
4th = Land Quadripedal Colossus, resembles a horse
5th = Air Colossus, resembles an eagle
6th = Land Bipedal Colossus, has claws
7th = Water Snake Colossus, resembles an electric eel (with electricity)
8th = Land Quadripedal Colossus, resembles a tiger; shoots electric bolts
9th = Land Quadripedal Colossus, resembles a giant turtle
10th = Land Snake Colossus, hides in desert sand
11th = Land Quadripedal Colossus, resembles a dog
12th = Water Quadripedal Colossus, resembles an island
13th = Flying Snake Colossus
14th = Land Quadripedal Colossus, resembles a dog
15th = Land Bipedal Colossus, has a machete
16th = Land Bipedal Colossus, is enormous

Each player has their own favorite.

I’m kind of running out of time for this review; I’ll edit it tomorrow, add more.

Storyline: 08/10
Graphics: 10/10
Replayability: 10/10
Music/Sound: 10/10
Difficulty: Difficult
Rent/Buy? Buy

edit; fixed

My friend beat that game in 2 days and hated it after she saw the ending movie. I thought it was a pretty sweet game though.

The last Colossus didn’t fly.

I saw a commercial on Toonami reviewing it - I don’t know much about it at all, but it did look effing sweet.

I am normally not an action game type of person, but this game truly is remarkable. It really does have a colossal feel to it and some of the battles are just breathtaking.