Shadow Of The Colossus


I’ve played right up to after defeating the first colossus. If the isolated landscape void of all living and breathing creatures, with the exception of some newts… or lizards… and two or three birds, then it might be the game for you. It’s… something diferent from most adventure games I’ve played. And you’re trying to bring back your loved one, yes. It’s right at the beginning you learn this, so you know. I kind of dislike the game because it seems so void of much of anything.

I really want to express my words, but I feel I would fail horribly if I try. But, either way, after completing the game I realized it was something enjoyable afterall. Story is basically the ending, which I had been looking forward to, though the only other thing to look forward to were all the battles with the colossus. I’d have to say that after a few of the colossus I began to wonder if they were all a simple hide and seek game of finding the vital spot, but I guess it was more of a lead-in to how it works… just an intro. Simple enough, a few more that goes in finding out how to defeat the colossus is more of a puzzle providing some logic to apply on how to defeat the colossus. I usually took too long to figure it out and Dormin’s voice jumped in, but… heh. Oh well. Ah, and the empty vast world, I suppose, is understood as it is a land heard of where you can… get a wish, I guess?

Hm… overall, I can’t really review for jack shit. I just wanted to attempt to put my thoughts on the game and I would have to say the game does provide quite the appeal battling each colossus. The battle theme also helped me enjoy those battles, the theme where you have the upper hand in battle, that is. :confused: