SG ate a sandwich

Also, he’s totally mexican.

That is all.

Wait that’s not all.

The DOUBLE DOWN from my Avatar is BACK bitches. Yeah that’s right. Long live tremendo-meatatarianism, disregard vegetables, disregard women, ACQUIRE BITCOINS. You heard it here first. :runaway::runaway::runaway: run don’t walk 2 ur local kfc and acquire the double down sandwich for urself. Bitcoins now excepted as local tender for your low-carb meat needs. It’s two chicken patties, bacon, cheese, some other shit I dunno but hey it’s LOW CARB and you can get like 300 of em with one bitcoin so what’re you waiting for

Or maybe you’d rather just hang out with all the mexicans at the NERD STORE, whatever, fuck your pants, im a juggalo whats ur fuggalo LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

look at this post baby I just can’t stop I’m on a roll, yeah, like two doubble beef patties on a sesame seed roll got your juices flowing now, ur momma sews cows, i got mad rimes remember leann rimes I woulda porked that jailbait booty

PEACE is alive and well, look at all those posts. Also, Sorc is about a year late on his promised post in our sexy reddit space. Yeah that’s right Sorc, I just called you out, bring it you southern-friend barista of love. I don’t have to turn on the furnace in the winter, CAUSE I BRING THE HEAT.

Actually, the last thing I ate were some eggs, but I kind of want a sandwich.

I had the Double Down once, way before KFC accepted bitcoins as currency. It was weird and I felt guilty and fat afterwards. Wouldn’t do it again, unless I were doing it “ironically”, el oh el.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you over my avocardo.

edit; oh wat ur in china u don’t get amurican jokes

doubledit: sinistral fuck s sheep

Purge the Lambs, fuck the sheep.

Okay, so I made the post. Totes forgots yo. I can’t comment on posts though, only create new ones.