Sexist women... encountered more in college.

Well, to be honest I’d say that the PROFESSORS (even the ones that consider themselves feminists) like me, but apparently some loudmouthed students think that I cannot express certain opinions or dissent to THEIR opinions simply because of my gender (of course, both students male and female seem to be… well… way too stupid for college, but that’s a story for another day).

In my modern drama class we were discussing “The Little Foxes,” when one of these students (not even an especially stupid one, mind you) came up with this very “interesting” comment:

Classmate: “Well, men here can’t understand why Regina is a sympathetic character, because men aren’t sensitive.”

Excuse me? Men aren’t sensitive? Doesn’t that strike you as an overly generalist and overtly sexist comment? So naturally, I objected.

Me: “Excuse me? For one thing, I’m a very sensitive person, but let’s not stray from the topic too far, now. Second of all, I have trouble sympathising with someone who essentially lets her husband die simply because of money.”

Classmate: “Well, he deserved it, because he slept around. If my man slept around, and I lived in a time where leaving my husband would be taboo, I’d kill him.”

Me: “Yes, he shouldn’t have slept around, but that is no justification for murder. Secondly, it’s stated in the play that he slept around because she faked an illness so that she wouldn’t have to sleep with him.”

Classmate: “You’re just a pig. You’re saying you’d sleep with some whore because you didn’t get any. That’s wrong.”

Several women in the au… classroom start clapping. Apparently we’re in Oprah or the Maury show, now.

Me: “No, I wouldn’t, but I’m not Horace, now am I? I wouldn’t marry somebody who didn’t love me in the first place.”

Classmate: “Oh, so sex is love? This man is a pig.”

And so I sighed in exasperation, giving up. I couldn’t argue with her, even if my arguments were good enough.

If that were it, I wouldn’t be posting a thread about it… but something just happened not long ago in the same class. Now, this time it was a particularly stupid student. You know who I’m talking about whether you’re in college or not, it’s that idiot in the front row who absolutely won’t SHUT UP even though they don’t know what they’re talking about 99.9% of the time (of course, I’m very vocal in class, but I’m the annoying person that actually knows what they are talking about and admits when they’re wrong). 99.9% of the time, they also have an absolutely irritating voice, and this one is the second worst I’ve ever heard (this time we’re discussing “Ghosts”).

Stupid: Like, Oswald isn’t saying that the artists hate marriage and stuff, because he does say that they’re too poor to marry and is like, love should be more important before you get married and stuff, you know?

Me: Actually, no. This is set in the late 1800s, and Oswald was in France when he was active as an artist. From Oswald’s description of the families he encountered, he was speaking of the Bohemians, who were poor by choice (many of them came from wealthy families). If they really wanted to get married, they’d probably ask their mother or father in whatever country they were originally from, and they would settle down. Instead, they have a free love society in which they value love, beauty, and truth and oppose tradition. He was stating that they were too poor to marry to appease Pastor Manders, whom was shocked with the very idea of children out of wedlock for ANY reason. Chances are, in this very anti-traditionalist play, Oswald (who is the voice of Ibsen in many ways) isn’t going to cheapen the message by making Oswald a proponent of a traditional institution such as marriage.

Stupid: But he SAYS that they’re too poor to marry, so he MUST like marriage!

Me: And I say that you’re projecting your opinion on the play. I’m not saying the Bohemians were right, but I’m saying that is what is going on in the context of the play.

Stupid (starting to get really red): It’s my opinion! You have a right to your opinion, and you have a right to yours!

Me: Yes, it’s an opinion, but opinions can be wrong when they are uninformed. If you’ve researched the topic, I’m sure that you’d agree with me.

Stupid: You’re just so sexist that you wouldn’t LISTEN to an opinion made by a woman.

Me: I’ve listened to and agreed with the opinions of several women in this room, including our professor. Maybe I’ll speak with you when you don’t resort to ad hominem attacks, and read a little bit closer.

I’m going to college for knowledge, and so many people just surround themselves in a barrier of ignorance. Whether it be the caricature of the mysandrist, the mysogynist, the LIBERAL (with capital letters), or the CONSERVATIVE, they all have very, very loud voices, and absolutely nothing to offer. I try not to let my idealogies (which lean towards liberal) blind me to other ideas, isn’t that a part of learning?

I honestly would have just laughed at the first girl’s accusation, honestly. I almost can’t wait to get to college just because of stuff like that.
Man I love arguing with idiots. It makes me feel good inside :slight_smile:


And what was the teacher’s response to this? I am assuming the professor is female or that girl wouldn’t say something like that. If the professor said nothing she is probably another of a long line of staunch feminist english teachers. My girlfriend had one who purposely picked books just to bash men and that is all she did every class period. I’d like to see some guy try to do the reverse. He wouldn’t be teaching long.

The professor was a female, but she likes me and agreed with me. I don’t really have any problem with the professors.

As completing college more and more supplants completing high school as the threshold for the acceptable “Get a job” level of knowledge, you get more and more people sticking through college to the end just to get that job, thus…

College becomes more like high school. Only now people REALLY REALLY think they know everything, because they’re “mature adults” in an institution of higher learning (as opposed to just REALLY thinking they know in high school cuz, well, we’re all stupid when we’re that age).

Henrik Ibsen? Only play of his I’ve read is An Enemy of The People. Good play though.

Anyway, two things. One time, my father was telling me a story of what he saw on campus. He went to college during the early 70s, so he saw the feminist movement and ERA battles and whatnot. Well, one time, he was on campus, and he saw this male student going into a building. He opened the door for a female behind him as traditionalists are taught, chivalry and whatnot. The female student walked in first, turned around, and called the man a sexist pig. The guy just stood there with a look of dumbfoundment on his face. Now, my father doesn’t know if she said it as a joke or not, but it is a funny story.

Secondly, about stupid people, I’ve ranted in the chat about this lately. I hate my fellow political science majors. Like, ALL of them (or at least the vocal ones) are of the irritating voice/stupid category. Just last Thursday, we were having a free discussion in a polisci class (because the class is utterly useless otherwise, bleh). I don’t remember the topic, but one guy started talking. I don’t remember what precisely he said, but it amounted pretty much to “Well, see, we know what we’re talking about in politics because we’re polisci major. But everyone else are sheep and just follow what the politicians tell them.” Like, he spent FIVE minutes saying this too. I’ve heard this sentiment espoused by about twenty different people too. I reckon it happens because most polisci majors are polisci majors because they think “Oh, I like talking about politics. I’ll go into political science and be good at it!” Hate them all so much.

Hades would be proud of you.

And that’s just disgusting. I can’t stand girls like that, wanting the world and its men at their feet. Get over it.

Men cause all of women’s problems.
Fucking men.

You had a small typo.

I think it’s just people in general…too many STUPID people, anyways.

I was only joking >.>

Why would Hades be proud of me? I used rational arguments.


This term I tried to get into a feminist issues class just to see what it’d be like. I expected something like your class, but it was full from the beginning of my enrolment window 'til the beginning of classes.

Well, I’d like to assume that in a class that is actually about feminism, they’d have at least SOME (intelligent) people arguing for actual equality instead of matriarchy (which is equally as bad as patriarchy).

Not much you can do in that situation then wait for them to drop out. Saying a man can’t be sensitive, would be like a man saying a woman can’t be tough. My guess is that she watched nothing but 1950s TV growing up.

Try not to let it bug you too much, GAP. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

As for me… Engineering, science, and language classes FTW! No more horrible essay writing or discussifying.

College is really just an expensive daycare, so you really shouldn’t worry.

Mmm, arguments. They’re such great fun.
Someone really, really needs to be told that while it can seem so, feminism isn’t a reason or excuse to be stupid.

The world is full of, sexists, racists, and even though the white man did start most of this i think that it has mutated to something even more horrible. Sexism is something i hate to hear, just because someone is of the opposite gender doesn’t mean they have to be of a lower inteligence level or something like that. Now it just sickens me to hear a woman say a man is a sexist or something like that, women just can’t understand even though they did have to fight biased opinions against them they dont’ have to think every other man is some shovenistic pig (pardon my spelling). So it seems that the tables have turned and basically and most women are sexist against men. Plz consider my opinion, and i will consider yours.

What, I’m supposed to cook my own food now?