Sex Pistols in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

Check out the note that they wrote (its linked to in the article). Hilarious for either the right or the wrong reasons, I can’t decide.

how could such an untalented band be inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame???!!!:no2: :booster: :no2:

You don’t have to be talented to make great music. See: Punk.

I love Sex Pistols, the band are super aswell.

Johnny Rotten you card!

Hurrah, go Sex Pistols!

Good for them. I congratulate them on the letter they wrote, I think it was the right thing to do. haha! Especially in their case.

I don’t see why this is an issue, seeing as how it is caleld the rock and roll hall of FAME. Not talent. I’m sure there’s worse bands in that thing.

The Ramones are talented and they are punk

Hmm? I said talent wasn’t needed to make great music not that all punk bands are untalented, punks focus isn’t on whether the band are talented musicians but the vibe and energy the music creates.

The nature of rock and roll is that it’s wild and untamed so a band renowned for just letting it all out and disregarding skill deffinitely belongs in the hall of fame.

you just described thrash which is in no way rock and roll

No, punk is characterised by it’s untutored and aggressive sound, and as a sub-genre of rock and roll, legendary bands that fall under it have every right to be added to the hall of fame.

Thrash is basically fast paced metal, which has nothing to do with what I described.

Edit: Not only that but The Sex Pistols accomplished a lot for the scene and had a part in the creation of many of the greats we take for granted. So while some may argue their music is sub-par the recognition they get for influencing some of the greatest bands out there is more than enough to include them.

-100 punk points though for having a serious discussion about it.

Thrash is a subgenre of heavy metal, which is a subgenre of rock and roll.

metal is in no way Rock and Roll either, if you can figure that out than I respect you

Huh? How are The Ramones any more talented than The Sex Pistols?

How is heavy metal not rock and roll? Anybody who knows their music would not make such a brash statement unsupported. Tell me exactly why metal is NOT rock and roll.

Heavy metal is a derivation of blues rock, which is a derivation of early rock and roll, so even if you want to argue that the only “rock and roll” bands out there are the ones in the 1950s your argument falls flat.

because with them the music came first and the punk came second and the attitude third, with The Sex Pistols it was the other way around it wasent even about the music just jumping around on stage being a punk

What the hell? The Ramones played 4 chords, they are just as, if not less talented, not that that even matters.

Who cares what order of “being a punk” the Sex Pistols were in? That’s stupid, it doesn’t make them SOUND any worse. It doesn’t mean they didn’t influence a shit ton of bands either.

If you’re going to look at it that way you might aswell say rock and roll is a subgenre of the blues. I’d like to think metal is a little more than a subgenre, no matter how rock influenced it was or is.

hah. Like said before me, the Ramones practically only knew 4 chords. And are you sure the music came first with them? They were extremely popular at the time and all wore the same clothing… something tells me image played a hefty role in their musical careers.
Then again I really don’t care, seeing as how I’m not that big of a fan of the Ramones, I just found your comment about the Ramones being more talented than the Sex Pistols very ridiculous. It’s like saying one fast food place is better for you than another fast food place. They’re all the same in the end, or atleast equal in their gauge of healthiness.

heavey metal or metal or whatever you want to call it is in no way whatsoever a subgenre of rock and roll or rock, it is its genre and a bad one at that

Why don’t you actually argue your position instead of using ad hominem attacks?

I think I argued my postioned quiet simply enough:no2: , and what the hell is
ad hominem?:booster: