Several things balanced in my head and falling

So anyway I’ve been doing a lot of shit lately (like being grounded, which completely sucked ass). So this post is gonna be like a jumble of shit (some of which is related to boot!).

First off is the movie The Order. I personally loved it (bit short but eh), but is it just me or does it seem like most movies Heath Ledger is in stars the same girl (Shannon something, was also in A Knight’s Tale)? Next part’s in spoiler 'cause I dunno if it should be or not.

The idea of a “sin-eater” is pretty cool to me. It’s salvation outside of the Church, and I’m always up for that ‘cause I really don’t like the Church. I have no problem with any religion nor any of their people based on their beliefs, but I don’t like the way some of the act or what they stand for. I myself am a recently turned atheist (although I really don’t believe a whole lot) and am being confirmed in November (which I’d love to get out of but my family would kill me if I didn’t) and I believe in Jesus’ message and stuff, but I don’t like the Church at all and haven’t had a cofession or gone to mass in a loooooong time (although I have to go to be confirmed bleh).

So like while half of that had nothing to do with the movie, yea. It’s spoiler-ized anyway! Now on to the next portion of our show, which is… HEAVEN AND HELL. Yea, I was wondering what y’all thought your heaven and hell would be. Would it be personalized for each person? Would everyone just be happy/GOD DAMN YOU WHY AM I HERE I WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN?! I myself have no clue what it’d be like for me (if personalized), mainly 'cause I haven’t put any thought into it.

Then there’s Mary again (y’all might vaguely remember this from one of my first posts in which I realized I was a total idiot). She’s like “I love you but I don’t want to because you’re not a good kid and I want to be with you but I can’t AAAAAAARGH” but she’s also wanting this other kid who’s worse than me, which completely boggles my mind. So we’ve been talking again lately and she seems to want the “old” me back 'cause apparently I’m a lot more of a killjoy these days. Girls confuse me. x.X

I got a job to boot! It’s about 15 minutes away from me (driving distance, more on driving below) and it’s a decent job. I start tomorrow, but only for 3 hours, but it’s computer work and I gotta learn some stuff tonight, so yeah (if anyone knows how to use Access/Excel reeeeeeeeeally good, post/PM me please). It’s going to be until school starts (Sept. 13, score!) and I’m going to make at least $750. So I’m completely psyched by that.

So yeah, I have my very own car (1986 Buick Skylark) now. 63,000 miles, cost $800 bucks, $400 more for down payment on insurance and inspection and sticker and all that, but thankfully my parents paid for that, although I’m now paying the monthly payments. I love my car to death. My color, too (grey). :smiley:

Speaking of cars, I’ve been driving everywhere. I love it. On the 4th, we had a cookout and I drove to Brockton and back and I’ve been going around town whenever I can. I’m getting quite good, too. But y’still might want to stay off the roads. :stuck_out_tongue:

Karate’s somethin’ I’ve been doing for about 5-6 years now, and I love it. 3 years ago I moved up to the adult class, which is the same amount of punching and drills and stuff, but now we actually learn what the stuff does. I get confused a lot, but it rocks.

I play StarCraft quite a bit, and I absolutely love the RPG maps. My favorite would have to be the Elements series (Flux in particular). But some of the ones I’ve seen suck, so I’ve set myself a challenge to make one. I’m reeeeeeally lazy so it’ll probably take me a while if I ever do it. If I ever do it, I’ll post updates along the way.

I just remembered that someone had said they couldn’t find Deadsy stuff (back in my other thread about music). I fould like 6 songs (including Gremacy (sp?) Park). I’ll ask Cass if she can put them up for me 'cause I don’t have my own space to dos so. But I have to really thank Steve for all the Metallica, because that music owns. 35 out of 83 songs and my total playlist goes for 6 1/2 hours (shut up to those of you who have like 24+ hours of music because you rawk and have no life :P). I absolutely love it. How’d you make a list of all your songs, by the by? Did you do it by hand?

Speaking of being lazy, I’m sorta doing a story. I do it every so often on and off, so not a whole lot gets written at once, but a lot of people want to see it finished, so I’ll hopefully do it one day. I might post it up here if I ever feel like typing it up (and/or if I can find it >.>).

And then I got like a rash or abrasion or something on my feet. The left one’s like 3 times the size of the right (the area of the rash on my foot I mean), but they both hurt. Went to the doctor, he figured out it was just from wearing no socks, so I got some socks and lotion for the stuff, and they work wonders. But it looks kinda odd. And smells nasty (but I think that’s just my feet).

So yea, I just kinda needed to get that out 'cause it’s been bouncing aaaaaaaall around my head for awhile now.

Saw the movie, i thought it could have been done a little better, not sure how it would be done better though. Yeah I thought that girl looked familar. Sin eater, i had never heard of that before, it is interesting.

Atheist rawk on! There might be nothing in the afterlife actually. I love Dante’s ideas for hell, one hell for each sin. I’m not sure what heaven would be like if it exists but It would be great if you could learn all you wanted to learn especially those things we will never figure out on earth like where theres 12 hot dog buns to 8 hot dogs in a package. Ahem or who built the Stonehenge? was there an Atlantis? where my precious left sock? Does pi ever end? Who put the bop in the boppity bop? Any intelligent life on any other planet?

Yeah girls are nuts sometimes…or not, anyhows I know i am.

Um do you know anything about how to do that job?

Your car loves you too and its name is christine…

Most people make their song lists using winamp. I’m gonna write mine up someday.

What is being confirmed?

Confirmation is like becoming an adult in the Church’s eyes. Which is kinda stupid because you can be like 50 and if you’re not confirmed you’re still a child.

I know my car loves me. It purrs oh so nicely. :slight_smile:

But do they handwrite out the HTML for the lists?

I took Data Processing 12 last semester, so I may be able to answer any questions you have on Access and Excel, considering they were 2 out of 4 units that I learned in the course (the other two being Word and Powerpoint)

I use WinAmp 5 (or whatever’s on the site) 'cause I couldn’t find 2.x.

As for Access/Excel, they want to be able to make it so only certain areas will show up if they want to (like columns of info), and to take certain info (name, address etc.) and make it go properly onto an envelope. I’ll have more specifics after tomorrow.

You sound more agnostic than atheist to me

Pssssst Lex, he said recently turned atheist. I don’t think he knows what he is, though. :smiley:

And I demand to see some of that story soon or your head will roll!

And as for the music, I’ll put it up sometime today.

There is no winamp 2.x, its just 2.SomeNumbersCan’tRemember.

I have different folders for all my artists, so it would take a while for me to get all my songs in order. I could try though.