Server down?

Server down?

[13:53] SEGFAULT! I’m Meeeeellllting, what a world!

[13:53] * Disconnected

Edit : Its back up…

Edit: Nevermind…

<img src=“”> You’d think that people would wait at least 5 minutes before making a thread about this sort of stuff.

The people are impatient: They want to have what they want right here, right now, and with a cherry on the top.

Whitewinged-angel should get more than one server; for increased network uptime.

anyway, it’s up. In the future, if isn’t working, try, and vice versa.

If neither of those two are working, then if the server really is down an op will post here saying so. Otherwise, the problem is likely on your end.

But ops don’t really need to post here right away if it’s down for like two minutes or something, only if it will be/has been down for a noticeable amount of time.