Serious Question : Prepare to give a lengthy or at least moderate response

How would you create a real honest to goodness religion? You have 12,000,000 dollars.

Give details, and give a serious response, hence the name.

Are you Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, or Bill Gates. I will only respond once the question on everyone’s ( or no doubt some ) mind is. It is not every day somone asks a question like this anyway.

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Did you not consider what kind of person would ask that kind of question?

Although I don’t want to make any waves here I dont see how what I had said was wrong.

I would sink it all into education. I think the only decent sort of religion I’d be interested in creating would be some type of humanism, which relies heavily on critical thinking and the scientific method to create an objective view of the physical world, while at the same time recognizing the real emotional need so many people have for an ill-defined “religious feeling” (call it spiritualism, transcendence, a sense of community, a desire to be part of something greater, and other things). Unfortunately, loosely defined religion-like things like humanism don’t tend to attract people in great numbers, and in this particular case I think its only chance would be to appeal to a person’s intellectual side through critical thinking and the like. 12 million wouldn’t do the job, but if by chance you could provide an education to enough charismatic people who in the future would work to evangelize their philosophy/world view, it might give it a fighting chance.

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Very well Rouge Paladin.

You get a hypothetical 24 million.

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I’m not really sure myself about creating a religion. I’m a fairly devout Christian, and I really don’t know if I should be telling people how to worship. I’d probably donate the money to churches across the US, helping those in need of funds for repairs and such. What you preach inside doesn’t matter to me, as long as you believe what you’re preaching. All that I care is that people have a place of worship where they can really feel at peace and comfortable.

What about a Denomination?

I’m Presbyterian, so I’m kinda the “whatever” part of Christianity. our official stance on anything is, we have no official stance. Divorce, abortions, homosexuality, having children out of wedlock… It’s all up to you, really. Whatever you want to think, hey, good for you.

That said, I really wouldn’t focus on any particular denomination. I’m all for Christianity in general.

You could put some hot mods on the popemobile with that kind of cash.

It’s not really a serious question as long as it’s hypothetical, as long as it is, we can only give hypothetical answers, and hypothetical answers are by definition not at all that serious. They can’t be more than speculative and dreamy trash, or at best, remotely hopeful rubbish.

I would use the money to reprint and spread the works and words of Fredritch Nietszhe. We could use a society that’s beyond good and evil and a world that’s populated not by insecure trash but by übermench.

There is no such thing as an honest religion.

I resent that statement.

I agree with Cid.

And the religion debate is on.

Not really.

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I hate you so much.

Yeah, you’re pretty much fucked. Sorry about that.

Roman Catholicism. Not only an ideology in which one can find some sort of metaphysical meaning and peace, but also a monolithic institution one can rebel against romantically.