September 19..

…arr baby.

The point is, there is no point.

At last, a holiday for me!

A friend of mine showed that to me.


I just learned something New!

Gemini gets 1 more Pirate Intellegence Point!

I got ta vind the treasure matey!!

Starts sporting an eye patch

Arr my harties, avast, etc.

Exactly how does one assign a day to something?I have many things that deserve days but don’t have them.

I’m totally serious, how the hell do these things happen?

That rocks. Pirates are so friggin’ cool.

Maddox must be shooting people with his tears of joy right now.

Y’arr, tis the day I be living for! And, err, ARRR!

Yay- that day is a friday- which means I have many classes… I hope I don’t have to give a practice speech that day. >_>

How fun.

I can provide the dead man’s chest, if you do the singing.

<img src=“”> Arrr, ye whoreson’ blaggart! Be that th’ head? Me dear ol’ mum, bless her black soul, always tol’ me t’ have a piss.

drools and marks her calendar Arrr! makes note to study and practice

I’m gonna get a bunch of moogles and put eye patches and doo rags on them and they’d all be like “Kupooo!” which is probably moogle for “Arrrrr!”

Dude that’s so sweet. Best holiday ever.


So this pirate walks into a bar and he has a steering wheel on his crotch, and the bar tender is like “What’s with the steering wheel?” and the pirate is all like “ARRG, driving me nuts!”

If you really want, I can link you to a board where every thread is dumber than this one.

Wasn’t it the 15th last year?

Oh, well.

Avast, ye scurvy landlubbers! The captian of teh good ship Tsubasa Yagami* be here to show ye teh color of yer insides!

*Yes, my rp character has a ship. Wheee.