Selling Shit

Okay, so I’m strapped for cash, and I realized that there are a lot of games I have that I could do without. So, before I try and sell them on Ebay, I’m listing the games I want to sell here first. All prices listed below, add shipping.


Disgaea: Hour of Darkness - SOLD
Grandia 3 - SOLD
Musashi Samurai Legend - $20
Stella Deus - The Gate of Eternity - $30
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - $15
Xenosaga Ep.1 (Not-greatest hits version) - $20


Rockman Battle & Chase - $40 (Note - you need a PSX that can play imports to use this)
Final Fantasy Origins - $20


Viewtiful Joe - $20

Sega Saturn:

Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean - $60

You have until Monday to contact me, and you have until Wednesday if you’re interested in FFOrigins or Albert Odyssey, since I put that one up late. That is all.

If anyone has any questions about the game, or the condition of the game, let me know (I assure you they’re all in more than good enough condition to be played, though).

Nothing SNES-type you wanna get rid of?

Sorry, I don’t have any SNES games up here at Uni. When I go home this Christmas, I’ll try and remember to look at what I’ve got, if you’d like.

Who would want SNES games at this point esp with emulation and the Wii coming up? The Wii versions will cost less and you won’t have all the problems associated with aging technology, like defective saves and dust build up.

Because I want them. That’s why.

Plus, I don’t really like playing video games with a tv remote.

Never mind; $75 is a lot. :frowning:

Talk about defective saves… My SNES had a problem like that and showed a special preference to Mario games. Imagine lending Super Mario All Stars from a friend and having the saves of all four games deleted :stuck_out_tongue:

At least this way I learnt to beat Zelda AQAP.

I will take Disgaea of your hands, but not for $75

Disgaea 1 goes for roughly 80-90 dollars, and it’ll probably only get more expensive. It’s up to you guys.

Too bad, guys. SG already agreed to sell me all of those games for a total of $5. Your loss for not being able to haggle.

The Wii also works with Gamecube controllers, and there’s a classic controller shell for the Virtual Machine games.

$75 is a really good deal for Disgaea. You’re not going to find it cheaper elsewhere, and cosidring the limited number that were printed, you can’t expect to get the game for $20.

Wait, what? Disgaea is worth that damn much? Lord, I should sell my PAL copy.

i’ll sell my copy of disgaea for 74.99

I feel gipped. I sold mine back to Gamestop after I was done with it for $35.

No shit? I got mine for like 20-30 bucks.

$74.98, plus some old crackers. Get it while it’s hot, people.

Oh, ok. So I’ll shell out $250 for the Wii, another $30 for the classic controller shell (since I don’t own a Gamecube) and then pay the subscription that, I assume, is needed for the Virtual Machine thing. Top this all off that I still don’t want a Wii.

No thanks, I’ll just stick to the hunt for Super Nintendo games. Cheaper, I think, and more fun for the hunt.

I’m fairly certain it’s not a subscription but rather a pay by download process.

Clearly you are INSANE. Anyway I was just pointing out that you wouldn’t have to play Zelda 3 with the Wiimote, lord.