Seiken Densetsu 3 Help

The part that i am stuck on is at the Island of Obilivion and i just finished that whole sceney thing and now i have to goto rolante, problem is:How to get to Rolante from Island of Obilivion.

Ive tried locating the Cannon things and beaches but still dont know how to reach there. And i was wondering if you could like tell me how to get to Rolante, If someone could give me directions or something, that will be awesome.
its really confusing stuff for me


Um… Island of Oblivion is this really small place in the middle of nowhere that you can only get to with the turtle (or Flammie). Are you sure you don’t mean Volcano Island?

Im very sure its Island Of Obilivion but all i am trying to figure out is how to get to Rolante from there with the turtle or anything.

Land at a harbour town and take a ship to … to… the harbour town that’s just south of Rolante, or, just land the turtle at the beach south of Rolante. (the town is called something like Palo)

Go there, you’re at the mark 17, land at the beach marked 30.

Well it didn’t really work…i don’t think you can get to Rolante from Port Palo…

Just walk up the Path to the Heavens.