Sega CD 1 halp!

So anyways I finally decided to fire up the ol’ Sega peripheral when the sucka finally decided it was going to give up the ghost. :frowning:

That said, I don’t believe that the system is beyond help, and I’ve been searching them thar Intrawebs looking for so juicy info that might alleviate my ignorance. Sadly, the search has turned up a mostly dry well. :frowning:

Worse still, what little I did manage to dig up suggests that I gut my SegaCD 1 like an amateur surgeon just to find out what went wrong. :frowning:

So before I start playing Operation on my Sega Mega CD 1 I was wondering if anyone here had the faintest inkling as to what my problem is and how to fix it? The symptoms include being able to work perfectly fine up to a point (usually for about five minutes) before it completely locks up. At this point nothing happens unless I hit the reset button where it goes back to a screen showing a planet set against a starry background and nothing resumes happening. I can’t even get the game out of the system in this state, however, if I wait a few hours it resumes normal function like nothing happened for a few minutes before the whole process repeats itself. :frowning:

Right now I’ve managed to get the game that I was playing at the moment out but this has grounded my gaming progress to a halt. Any help would be…helpful. :frowning:

It will resume a few hours later? Is it overheating at all?

Can you open the disk tray? When mine reacher retirement age that stopped working first.

Do you hear anything ‘loose’ when you move it (dont shake it hard or anything!)

Worst comes to worst, there are some amazing emulators out there now

Its not the same, but better than nothin’

Welp after a week of letting it sit around I took a chance and saw that it was in fact working perfectly fine for hours on end.

And from what I’ve gathered on the interwebs I’m now almost certain that the culprit for my earlier troubles is the internal battery being on its last legs.

To explain in detail of what’s most likely going on behind the scenes of my Sega CD after leaving the system running all night long (I was playing the hell out of Lunar 1) I returned to pick up where I had left off however within minutes both the game and the system froze completely in place. After two days of attempts to get it working again. The attempts involved cleaning the connection, wiping down the vents, cleaning the disk, and cleaning the disk tray. There was no rattling and everything worked fine up to a point and then everything stopped.

The one thing that remained consistent with the descriptions on the web was that the longer I left it alone the longer it would run without interruption.

Of course I could be wrong but I’ll have to open up the system to find out.

Anyways thanks for the reply.