Seeking Help with Debian GNU/Linux

I’ve downloaded and successfully burned the .iso file of Debian, and I’ve even gotten so far as to partition my secondary hard drive for Linux. Now, I’ve got a problem: installing the kernel.

I’ve booted the system from my Debian CD to get to this point, at which point two details stick in my mind.

<li>My secondary hard drive is labled /dev/hdc instead of /dev/hdb as the manual predicted.
<li>My SCSI CD-ROM drive is not amongst the list of devices from which I can install the kernel. Instead, I have two floppy drives, one of which is real and another which, when selected, seems to do nothing.

During POST, which I’ve been through six times hoping that rebooting will jog things into place, I notice that my CD drive has the ID number 3. Who knows, this may have something to do with my problem; as it’s the only one, it should be numbered 1, right?

If you’re there, Wertigon, this is my cry for help.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think you have to worry about it being hdc instead of hdb, just take note of it and continue. Replacing hdb with hdc where applicable.

If you can connect to the Internet from the machine, just tell it to get it from network and ftp/http and it’ll download it. It should also be a better and newer kernel than the one on the CDs.

Best of luck onwards.

Nope, I’m offline. And the version I’ve got is 3.0r1, or at least that’s what the .iso’s were labled as.

Debian Stable is old and runs old packages.

If you are offline, Debian isn’t very good. I would reccomend Slackware instead then: Takes fewer CDs.

Well, not entirerly true Nul; You can get newer CDs and stuff. I know that the current Unstable is 11 CDs, and can be gotten from the following locations:

Woody is fairly old, yeah, but if you don’t have a network that’s nothing to worry about. Of course it doesn’t have the absolute latest stuff (It’s a year or so old), but it works with any hardware older than 2 years…

Anyhow, that your secondary HD is hdc shouldn’t matter.

For IDE it’s

hda=Primary Master
hdb=Primary Slave
hdc=Secondary Master
hdd=Secondary Slave

Thus if you have a CD as primary slave, it should be hdb.

Anyhow; What you want to do is that in boot, write “bf24” to install with the 2.4 kernel. Then you go from there. And I sure hope you didn’t download the netinstall CD (30 MB), but the real 650 MB one. :wink:

Good luck!

Okay, so “bf24” instead of the “Peck Enter and get the garden variety installation” option.

Maybe it’ll actually see my CD drive this time; as stated above, it gave me

/dev/hdc1 //Linux partition
/dev/hdc5 //Swap partition

I also have the full 650MB CD; got it via HTTP from Berkley at a little over 75kbps. Guess that city is good for something after all ;7.