See Sean of the Dead:

NOW! I COMMAND THEE! You will not regret it, peons!

Seeing it sometime this week

See it if you don’t live in Podunkville. ;p Goddamn worthless midwestern theaters.

Damnit. Tired people make typos.

it wasn’t bad… its not my cup of tea though. Man that was weird.

I tell everyone this, but go and see ‘Spaced’ as well, the series it’s based off.

My friend saw it and she said it was pretty funny… Now that I’ve seen the movie I really wanted to see (The Forgotten - which was really good, btw) I might get around to seeing some of the others.

You know, maybe I will go see that.

Shaun of the dead is a great movie, i got in on DVD today.

Shaun of the Dead, to put it in my words, was fucking riotous.

Hear hear!

The best part CLEARLY was when Queen came on the jukebox.

Just saw it, I thought it was great :smiley: I loved all the little references to other zombie movies.

it looks pretty badass…i might plan to see it