Secret Of Mana

i was wondering if any one knew anything about the sword orb that is on the island by iceland. If so, Hook it up. :spam:

…Okay, I have NO FUCKING CLUE what you’re talking about. What island near Iceland?

Well, Val, you did see the tin of spam, did you not?

Toxicle, I am guessing that you are searching for a sword orb on the islands near the Ice Country, but there are none there. The sword orbs are found in the following places:

  1. Victory over the mantis ant.
  2. A chest in the treasury of Pandora Castle.
  3. Victory over the great viper.
  4. A chest in the Empire Ruins.
  5. Given by the king of Tasnica after defeating the dark stalker.
  6. A chest in the great palace.
  7. Victory over the red dragon…or one of the other enemies in the Pureland (I have forgotten).

Are you asking about the glitch that lets you fight the Mantis Ant a second time by landing on that island in Ice Country in order to get another Sword Orb?

Most likely he is. I have never heard of that one, though.

Well, I copy and pasted it from a FAQ since I’m too lazy to type it out myself.

  • To get the last, “missing” Sword’s Orb, you’ll have to follow a certain sequence of actions. Remember that this is a glitch and THIS CAN HEAVILY SCREW UP YOUR SAVE-GAME DATA. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK:

    • Load the game you want the last orb on.
    • Fly over the Ice Country and land on one of the small islands
      behind it; not on the Ice Country itself.
    • You should appear in front of Neko; if not, restart. Create a
    • Reset (L + R + Start + Select).
    • Start a new game, and play on 'til you fight Mantis Ant.
    • When the fight begins, hold the reset button combo (L + R + Select + Start) for about
      five seconds.
    • Load the original save log (the one at Neko’s).
    • Fight and whoop Mantis Ant’s ass, claim the Sword’s Orb, and fly

Edit: A warning of my own: Make sure you do this AFTER Pureland. If you do it before Pureland, you can’t finish the game, since you will receive a ninth sword orb there (making the sword level 10), and the game will crash.

Just check the shrine…

…Oh, wait…


pisses in Hiryuu’s porridge

There is no sword orb in the “ice lands”. No legal one, anyway. Sorry, no drops, no boss, nothing.

I think that’s been pretty well covered already there Booken.

I’m surprised more people didn’t know about this trick. It was even in Nintendo Power, that’s how well-known it was.

do you by chance know what issue of nintwndo power?

Sorry, but I’ve long since lost the Nintendo Power Game Index, so I can’t find out which one it was. Still though, I posted the trick earlier in this topic, so you shouldn’t need Nintendo Power anyway.