Secret of Mana DS

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Now, there is no much on the internet yet. I saw this.

Either, a new game in the series (Whoo)
Or better yet, a remake of the original Secret of Mana (Please make it so T_T) (No details) (No details)

It might be a port or remake of Secret of Mana, nobody is quite sure at the moment, what is known is that Nintendo has announced a new Seiken Densetsu title for the Nintendo DS. Two pieces of concept art were released by Square-Enix in July 2004

Now, its too early. But hope will survive. :ark:
With good forturne, a new Seiken Densetsu in the next couple year… please.
You know how much I’m waiting for it.

It’d make sense to see a remake of Seiken 2, after we saw the remake of Seiken 1 in 2003.

If we do get a SoM DS, I’m not buying any game for a whole year, and play the remake over and over

Not too crazy about Seiken 2. Seiken 3 on the other hand, if they got rid of the anal leveling requirements, would be freaking great.

Dear god. If it’s a remake of SoM, imagine how many years it will take for RPGC to get a shrine on it. Curse to the Nth degree.

lol… no, you see, we’d have a shrine for the DS version in mere seconds. Of course, it’d be so different that we’d still never have a SNES SoM shrine. :smiley:

As for not getting another game for a whole year, I’d hold back on those comments; between the possibilities of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy III (j, if we still have to differentiate), and the new Super Mario Bros, I think I’m gonna buy too many games.

FUCK! I don’t HAVE the money for a god damn DS DAMMIT.

Oh yeah…that’s right, I need to buy the DS…which I also don’t have enough money for.

We suck.


edit; An SD3 remake would be even better. If not let’s hope the DS-cracking project goes well.

If we get an SoM DS, I will actually buy a DS speicifcally for it.

Are you really just finding out about this? It’s been well-established that there was going to be a new Seiken Densetsu game for the DS since before the DS was even released…

As the quote says, plans were first revealed in July 2004…

Anyway, I hope it’s a new game in the series. Sword of Mana was alright, but it absolutely pales in comparison to Final Fantasy Adventure. I’d hate to see another remake that’s not nearly as good as the original.

Sword of Mana had so much potential. I was disapointed as well.

I agree on Sword of Mana. It looked like the game itself was hurried up, system-wise.

Which can also describe Secret of Mana. Although Secret of Mana’s problem was that it was originally going to go on the SNES CD add-on, which was scrapped midway through Secret of Mana’s production, so the game had to be truncated to fit onto a cartridge instead.

But my main problem with Sword of Mana is all the annoying Quests and stupid stuff like growing fruit and vegetables just to power up my weapons, and there’s just WAY too much text. I miss the simple fun of FFA. =(

The problem with Sword of Mana was that it was WAY too easy. I seriously don’t think i even died once. And the final boss fight was a joke.

Okay, help me here: Which [Stuff] of Mana is which Seiken Densetsu [Something]?

Final Fantasy Adventure = Seiken D. 1
Secret of Mana = Seiken D. 2
Seiken D. 3 = Seiken D. 3 (yup)
Legend of Mana = Seiken D. 4
Sword of Mana = remake of Seiken D. 1

Thankies. So I’ve played them all…

Cool. Either would be nice to have.

I really wish they’d ditch the LoM-style art. It worked fine for LoM itself, but I much prefer the simplistic, less-artsy stuff of the original. I doubt it’s gonna happen though… S-E seems hell-bent on remaking every Seiken Game in the image of LoM. Probably get another of those goddamn cactuses too. -_-