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Has anyone heard of this comic book?
It’s hard to explain, but here goes:
Coheed and Cambria (Yes, that one band with the really girly-voiced singer) is basically writing soundtracks for the comic book/novel that Claudio Sanchez (lead singer) is writing.
It follows the story of Coheed and Cambria Killgannon, and, well, it’s hard to explain, so <a href=“”>here</a> are the scans of the comic. (Someone linked to them on CoCa’s official messageboard… and nothing was said… so apparently they don’t care :P)
And don’t forget KBI :smiley:
You can also find part of the story <a href=“”>here.</a>

And if you want any of the songs, I’d be more than happy to help. Drop by the chatroom or drop me a line on MSN:

tries to show some intrest in this topic

I read an article in my guitar mag about it, but it didn’t really interest me.

mm, I really found it interesting, because I’d wondered who the hell claudio was talking about in all his songs, and now i know >>;

I did, too, but then decided to give up because I had never heard of the subject before.


Hehe, it looks funny. <_<

I’d probably be interested if I listened to Coheed, but their sound(mainly the singers voice) doesn’t appeal to me. I’ll show my brother and see what he thinks because I know he likes the band.

Yeah, I hated the guys voice at first, but after awhile I’ve grown to LOVE it >>;

Hmm, I’ll give it a listen. I’ve only heard one of their songs (a favorite atlantic house song or something like that?) so maybe they’ll grow on me.

Lol, I don’t even know who those kids are, Rud :stuck_out_tongue:

“A Favor House Atlantic”
For me I dont go out of my way to listen to them but when I do I dont’ complain at all.

Dousn’t read topic!

Swordz R0X0RZ!

Well, here’s a small recommendation for stuff to listen to by them:
Time Consumer
Everything’s Evil
Devil in Jersey City

Just because you people don’t know, agree with, or care what the current topic is, doesn’t mean you have to post stupid shit that has no relevence whatsoever. Such posting is considered spam by the forum rules, not to mention it’s insanely annoying to people who are trying to have an active part in the discussion.

I thank yee, Epic.

And here is a nice place for lyrics: