Searching for Amano art

Do we know if Yoshitaka Amano ever did drawings for minor characters such as Siegfried? One would figure, judging by the fact that the boss sprites in FF6 all have his signature touch, that Amano drew a picture of every single boss (Although I doubt that’s true.)

I’ve personally seen pictures of the following characters:

The 14 main characters, Kefka, Leo, Gestahl, Cid, Banon, Ultros, Chupon, Vicks, Wedge, Daluma, Magimaster, and Owzer. Surely there are drawings of more characters from this wonderful game?

Any ideas?

Lucky for you, I just spent weeks searching out Amano art for the new site banners. The most obvious place would be the FFCompendium Art Section, but there are a bunch of other sites on the web with more obscure pieces. Try using either Google or AlltheWeb and search for “Amano Art” using an image search.

I will seriously offer a small reward for anyone who finds an amano sketch of Siegfried (nothing big, 5 bucks and a Nirvana bootleg cd maybe…but hey it’s free stuff.)

Hey, you could donate to charity… My Pocket foundation, for example.

EDIT: HEEY, the FFC art section is pretty nice !!

find a picture of Siegfried from FF6 drawn by Yoshitaka amano, and I will give you five bucks.

it’s not complete though, but it’s got some good info on the dude.

This is NOT a double post.

This is a list of links to a site that has a nice collection of FF artwork.



FF6 has a couple different pages on it, heres one



None ghasp the FFC has a good coolection of FF9 art though. (Lani, yeow)


None. No surprise.

None. No surprise. But it looks like some nice info.


So so sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I didn’t want to have to start a new one and add clutter to the boards.

I was wondering if Amano did the character design for Final Fantasy Tactics? I’m going to be at San Diego Comic Con and he’s there too. I have the moogle from FFTactics tattooed on me and wanted to show him, but there’s really no point in doing so if he’s not the artist. Because then it just becomes, “oh hooray, another rabid female fangirl”

Thanks :slight_smile:

No, he didn’t. It was Akihiko Yoshida.

Awesome! Thanks! Now I can wear a dress that day :stuck_out_tongue:

Aww, I wanted to see the tattoo. :hahaha;

Btw, around here it is preferred to start new threads rather than to resurrect old ones.No big deal, just so you know. :slight_smile: