Search for "failure" on Google, and see what happens

Or I could save you time and give you a link…

I found this rather humorous…

I haven’t clicked it yet, but let me guess.
It’s something about George W. Bush, right?

Okay, you definitely cheated…

I have not clicked it.

It’s a tad obvious though.
Failure and Bush just go together. :stuck_out_tongue:

What gave you the idea to try that in the Google search engine?

I half expected to see some <meta name=“keywords” content=“faliure, fail, failing, failures, failtastic”> tag in the source for that page. But no, it must have gotten there due to links or a twisted Google employee. :stuck_out_tongue:

A friend of mine told me to search for it.

Not new to me, but nevertheless still amusing.

Seen it before, but it’s still humorous.


Y’know, I think them OLD posts’re trolling, but hey, that’s just me getting pissed at seeing 'em.

Haven’t seen it but coulda guessed it. Too obvious.

Remember that I don’t come here that much anymore. I don’t see that many topics, so I don’t know what’s been discussed and what’s happened, and I’m sure as hell not gonna look through God knows how many pages of topics to see if what I’m about to post has been done before. I don’t see how this would be trolling.

Spam. Not trolling and this is definitely old news.

I believe Cala meant people saying “That’s old” and all its variations, are trolling. I mean if you post a thread that you had no idea was posted before, how is that trolling?

I obviously haven’t seen this thread before, and I think it was enlightening. It wasn’t that funny but amusing.

Well, I like things like this. Most of our recent presidents sucked. Like Clinton being a jackass, Gore being…Gore, and who knows WHAT else. All I can say is: presidents need to stop goofing around, stop making love with your secretary, and get to work!:fungah:

Gore was never president.
Clinton didn’t “make love” with Monica, she swallowed. “Making love” does not entail swallowing.
Despite the crap we’ve put up with via our presidents, I wouldn’t quite lable it as “goofing around”.

What I meant was ALL of the people in office! Also, You’re right about Clinton, I was in a rush and didnt want to explain myself. Anyway, Yeah, our preidential leaders mostly sucked (There ARE exceptions like Regan (?) and Kennedy). Point is, that’s a good example of showing the presidents we aren’t confident in their abilities.

Wait, you’re saying Reagan didn’t suck? I’m confused.