Screw the Tooth Chipper, how about this ride

/me ties his hair back and puts it under his shirt.

I guess it wasn’t fun for the operator’s whole family.

Man, you do nothing but post here internet bullshit. But it’s still fun :smiley:

What a sucky way to die. I’d want my death to be memorable, but not that way. glad that he has short hair

He was lubing the track while the coaster was working. Shouldn’t maintenance be done only while the cars aren’t running? I say Darwin Award for him.

That was certinaly a ‘hair-raising’ incident…


GAH! Stop throwing junk at me!

That is part of the reason why I don’t like amusement parts, they don’t go well along with my hair. And, frankly, they’re boring.

Ouch, I think I’ll be keeping my hair short for a while.

Check out the last story on the page. It’s already there.