Scotty's Dead :(

Star Trek’s Scotty died today. :frowning:

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Awww :frowning:

Be original, you assbot.

You’re just mad I beat you to it.

You’re just mad because you got deleted, karmaless loser.

Goddamn mods and their deleting my posts. If it wasn’t for them and their karma-reducing ways I’d have been an Icon by now. AN ICON.

Aww Scotty. ;_; That’s actually sad because he was cool-like.


wtf, ud still be a total nub like u r now so stop actin all cool and shit

I loved those old star treck shows. The new ones keep getting worse.

Who’s going to beam me up now?

Only that new show-Enterprise-is bad. TNG, Voyager, and DeepSpace9 were all good.

DS9 was by far my favorite. The whole war? That thing was epic.

I thought Voyager was pretty weak, and Enterprise sucks ass.

Voyager, starring Jerri Ryan’s boobs.

The Next Generation was okay, since I liked the cast, but the others just got too out of hand.

Yup, TNG and DS9 were good.

R.I.P., Mr. Doohan. Your single appearance on TNG was memorable.

(There was only one, right? I’m pretty sure there was only one.)

Yes, I think it was only the once. What was the name of that episode?

The Canadian-born Doohan

I didn’t know that. I thought William Shatner was the only Canuck on the Enterprise.
So, Scotty just got “beamed up” …

Don’t remember, but it had to do with a Dyson Sphere.

I had heard last year that James Doohan was pulling out from the fan community because of his health problems, but I’m sorry to hear that he’s passed away.

“Beam me up, Scotty” was actually never said in any of the television series. I think Chekov might have said it once in the fourth movie, but I keep forgetting to double-check.

Relics was the name of the TNG episode. Awesome episode. I felt bad for Scotty, though, being so out of place; a “relic” of a past era.

I could never warm up to ANY of the later Star Trek shows. Not to say they were bad, they just never had the chemistry the original cast had.

:fungah: (Of course, this is being said by someone who was alive to actually SEE the original series on its first airings. Cranky Old Guy.)

Rest in Peace, Mr. Doohan.

Awww. :frowning: