Scorn -_-

Scorn has pretty much become my archnemesis in this game. I’m having serious issues beating him before entering Twinmoon Temple. My ER’s currently 9 (I know that’s the minimum to start the Ailing Emperor quest), but last time I went through Twinmoon, I picked up 5 ER just trying to get through, and I’d prefer not to repeat that again. My current set up is: Jamil (Foil), Dowd (Bows), Aisha (Axes), Myriam (Pyrology, though she basically becomes a healer against Scorn), and Claudia (Bows also). Everyone’s Hp is ~200 except Aisha who has 250. Any advice for trouncing him?

(I apologize in advance for when you look excitedly at my ‘advice’ and realize I’m not giving any)

Damn, dude…you’re already starting this game? :confused: I bought it like, right when it came out, but I’m trying to hold up on playing it til I have more spare time. I need to finish all the games I’m currently working on (which are Stella Deus and Grandia Xtreme, and CV Curse of Darkness since my bro bought it as an early X-Mas gift), then I’ll play it. I just fear when I play it, it’ll take up all my time, lol. I still got it in the shrink wrap and everything.

But shit, if you’re on it, I guess I better fuckin’ kick it in gear.

…You haven’t started it? >:O Man SG, I don’t even know what to say. Maaaaan. You need to- it’s sucking up time for me right now, but I’m on my 2nd character. I’m liking it more than any of the other SaGa games really. Played it first as Barbara, now I’m halfway or so through my Jamil game. I’m saving Gray for last since he’s pretty much the coolest character in the game. Get started on it. Not like now… but NOW. >:(

And I trounced Scorn last time. I got lucky and my Id Breaks reduced his Int, so his spells weren’t nearly as strong. Stupid minion.

Heh, well I started it today (My brother is down, and he just happened to have PIRATED the damn game, so he let me play his pirated copy; that’s important, cos if I opened my real copy, I’d feel obligated to play it all the fucking time). I struck up a game as Albert, since he was the only character I tried the original game with. It’s pretty cool so far, except for that I don’t really understand the process of gaining and losing characters…Like, I got ‘Amazon’, some generic chick, and then I lost her cos I got thrown into a jail, lol. Except for, not lol, because she wasn’t at the pub when I got there. :stuck_out_tongue: Then I got ‘Sorceress’, got on a boat, and it wrecked and everyone DIED, lol. Except for, not lol, because she died too. Now I have Sif in my party, and some random Warrior dude I picked up at a pub. So, do the generic guys just like leave whenever you leave a region, or what? Do main characters tend to stay forever? What’s the deal? If they don’t stay with you, I’d rather just leave them cos it seems like they always get the fucking POINTS and shit when I win battles. It gives me the grief, you know? Albert, all at 74 HP, and VALLHALLAN WARRIOR at like, 134 HP. Ugh.

I haven’t played Albert’s quest myself. So I’m not sure on the differences between his quest and others. Except for the fact that according to some you lose people during the ship wreck, they are gone for good. Still I can’t confirm or deny that.

In the case of most characters. You can dismiss them and recruit them later. Heck if a character runs out of LP, they will be removed from your party, but you can still recruit them again. It’s just that you may have to wait five or ten minutes for the person to be generated in the place(s) that you can find him at. This is often said when people wonder why they can’t find Silver. It takes a few minutes for her to eventually appear at the place she does.

However there are some exceptions. The 3-4 LP generics can not be recruited at all after they lose all their LP or you dismiss them. In fact they will not even be recruitable at all passed a certain point. Also for example there is only once chance to recruit Frielie and if you dismiss her you never get her back. Supposedly anyway.

This is based on my experience with Aisha, Hawke and Sif’s quests. As well as what I’ve read beforeo n the gamefaqs board.

FIVE ER?!?! Is that even POSSIBLE to get in Twinmoon Temple without exiting and re-entering the temple?

Scorn in Ailing Emperor, or any other NORMAL event he’s in, is a pussy. Yea he can be hard if you are weak, but not Game Over hard. The only requirement for beating him, really, is a healing spell on each member, which you should have anyway. Hell, you don’t even have to have one on all 5 if your 5th is temporary and you don’t wanna spend the whopping 200G. If you spend a fat pile of cash on new armor, your characters might actually survive more than a couple spells here and there. Buying advanced armor will serve you well for the ER9-15 challenges too.

Your party should be OWNING him, even while they’re dropping like flies. No really, that’s how the fight works. Have both Bow users use Id Break every round, and only bust a move with your other members when they absolutely don’t need to cast Healing Water/Moonbeam; have anybody at all that can heal do so instead of your Id Breakers. You’ll find that his frequent use of Enhance Spells saves you rather than kills you.

Scorn in the climax of “An Unlucky Woman”, on the other hand, is a fuggin’ HACKER. It’s the same guy, except he acts 4 times each round. Not randomly up to 4 times each round, but FOUR on EVERY ONE. And he’d still be breakfast if your ER cap to fight him was a bit later than 12, but it’s not. Even should you pull off a win, the game pretends that you didn’t. Damn rigged “plot fights”…

Skank: As far as I can tell, your stat gains aren’t like RS3’s, in that your Valhallan Warrior in the 2nd party slot won’t hurt your 3rd member’s chances at gaining stats when he gains some himself that battle. The generics just seem to gain stats a LOT.

Sif, Gray, and their comrades won’t gain many stat-ups early on, since they start a bit stronger than the starting monster rank. This also isn’t SaGa Frontier 1; fight anything much weaker than you, and you won’t gain crap.