I just got FFXI, the HDD, and the Network Adapter
It took about… oh 30 minutes to configure it, it cost $150, and it’s great.
I just wanted to celebrate my actually getting technology to work for me >>;

I sent you the World Pass code in your hotmail. The title was “Increase your penis by 6 sizes in 6-8 weeks.”

Square must have DIRTY World-Pass codes then. :stuck_out_tongue:

6 times nothing is still nothing.

You’re lucky your avatar is so hilarious.

Haha, TD is stupid. I said by 6 sizes, not 6 times.

Get onto Phoenix!
Because I said so.

Get me a worldpass!
Because I said so.

Edit: sorry Xelo, but I’d rather play with Jih <b>and</b> nul, and Ramza rather than just you :\

BASTARD! I already bought you a World Pass when you said you would. I wasted 2000 Gil!

And Jih and Nul don’t have Rise of Ziraat.

And Nul doesn’t live in our time zone.

And why would anyone want to play with Ramza?

Both me and Jiharn have Rise of Zilart.
Else we would be playing the Japanese release; and we aren’t.

Mmmk, what country are you guys based in?

Well, since it’s been started, let’s go with it:
Character: Vheod
Server: Phoenix
Country: San d’Oria
Class: Thief
Level: 5

Character: Xelopheris
Server: Phoenix
Country: San d’Oria
Class: Red Mage
Level: 2

yeah shouldn’t all your RPGC guys play in the same server if you can?

World: Phoenix.
Country: Windrust.
Class: Bard.
Level: 13.

Present location: Valkurum Dunes.

Don’t encourage them. :stuck_out_tongue:

God RC, you know how to fuck shit up don’t you.
We need to start an official RPGC guild on FFXI >>;