SCO, MPAA, RIAA jointly sue entire world

Washington DC and Lindon Utah – During a fictitious teleconference yesterday, three of America’s most active intellectual property litigators announced that they have decided to pool their efforts and jointly file what they’re calling “a reverse class action suit against every human being on the entire planet.”
Read more about these shocking news here.

Thats some nice satire. XD


A court date has not yet been determined, nor has ORAMITY decided where the lawsuit will be filed. “We’re looking for a country where the legal system and legislature is, shall we say, eager to please major political campaign donors. Our members are certainly that, especially when our interests are at stake.”

I wonder where they could find such a place…

pwned =)

Nice stuff

Heh How true.




yay… we’re being sued

Sounds like an onion article to me.

Oh no, we’re doomed. What are we going to do, what are we going to do!?

Pretty funny. And best of all, there’s a whole lot of people who will believe it’s true.