Science Made Easy

Seriously, this webpage should be linked for those big religion vs science debates just so the people get the terms right, and also a pre-requisite read for high school.

Like, clicka

I don’t know whether to be impressed or laugh hysterically at the pictures. Good find.

Ha! The Cone of Irellevance is what made me crack up. And I hadn’t even looked at the site yet! :smiley:

Same reaction!
Zero, bravo!
standing ovation


I didnt get the cone of irrelevance… ;_;

Kicks ass.

If I had this in high school, the grades in my science classes would have been much higher.

Worth a 3/4th cookie!

I hope some poor sap uses this webpage for his research paper.

I’m sure my father, a science teacher, would appreciate this. Especially since he has found some pretty glaring mistakes in some of his textbooks before. Such as the Statue of Liberty being made of bronze.

OHHH. This is good. This is going to my very stupid science teachers. Proof that science today is based on money.

The <a href=“”>Glossary</a> is AWESOME:

Avogadro : a vegetable used in making guacamole
Nearly pissed myself laughing.

I am simultaneously offended and in a deep state of happy laughter induced by this site. LMAO x10 XD

Being an Astronomy lover, I specially liked this one:

The ancients looked at the heavens and saw shapes of gods and animals in the stars. This was probably due to widespread drug abuse in ancient times.

It’d probably be me. lol

My science teachers would love this site.

Heh. Too bad I’m not studying Natural Sciences any more. This would have helped a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

Man Zero that’s funny as hell. :smiley: Also;



I take it you also saw the “revised” periodic table :stuck_out_tongue:

Science has always been easy. Even I slept with her! :-o

EDIT: I’ll be first to admit that joke sucked, but sometimes I just can’t help it.

Yes. However I’ve never seen the element Alimony yet. I predict it explodes and burns the money from your pockets in test conditions. :smiley: