School Play

We have our school musical this next week and im in it as a minor role character and as an extra in many scenes.

Anyone else in a school play?

No, but I have to go see one either tomorrow or Saturday. If I don’t I get to write a paper of my teacher’s choice.

I’ve played the following roles in school plays:

  • A Zorro-esque matadore back in… well, a long time ago.

  • Old man Miikkulainen.

  • Loki, the Trickster.

  • Rumplestiltzkin. Just a few months back too :stuck_out_tongue:

I like acting; But most of the time, I just act like myself. Which isn’t that good, huh?

Actors, my arch-nemesis. Well, not really, but I do stage crew, and our favorite past time is making fun of the inept actors. We often end up knowing the lines and lyrics better than they do. Almost as well as the pit orchestra.

I was years ago.
I even wrote the script!

I once did a Thanksgiving play when I was in the 5th grade… but that was about it.

I really don’t have a good memory… so I wouldn’t be able to remember my lines.

What’s the play called, by the way?

peter, your sig is really low quality.

I know. I really don’t go for ‘OMGTHATSSOKOOOOL’ stuff. I just made it for the fun of it.

I haven’t been in a play since grade 8. It was a play about King Aurthur and I was the Knight who Arthur was squire for.

What was it about?

Its Lil Abner

I do stage crew, and our favorite past time is making fun of the inept actors. We often end up knowing the lines and lyrics better than they do. Almost as well as the pit orchestra.

Im an extra mostly and have the lines better memorized than the main characters
most of the extras do, thats y we are always promting the ppl when they forget.

I wanted to be in Les Misérables this year, but I chickened out. I hope to be in the one shown next year, which will be along the lines of comedic rather than beautiful work of art >>;

My school does not have school plays,heck my scholl does not even have a small theather,the closses we get is some small plays we give in class mostly because it’s a proyect or something.

lets see the last time i was in a play was kindergarden. i was the narator for the three little pigs. it would have been cool if the stage wasent so small that we were all cramed together. i wanted an acting part though.

i really like acting though i would like to be in aplay or somthing but i almost always moving so i dont get a chance. :’(

I’ve done about 15 shows in the past 4 years…I’m a pretty serious actor (locally). I assistant directed a play recently too, “Rumors”. My favorite play I’ve done: “Lady Windermere’s Fan”…I was Lord Windermere, so much fun.

As for the techy/actor hatred: I’ve gotten along well with all the techies I’ve worked with, hell my GF is a techie (prop master). Granted she does some acting too, but rarely. She’s “Snug” in Midsummer at her college in June and I can’t wait to see her act for the first time.

I’ve never done any acting, too scared to. ^^
But my school does put on one act play and other things during the year. They’re all pretty good, going to regionals or something now.

I was. I was a generic cowboy and a banker in “Crazy For You.” I made it to the callbacks, though! I woulda done well if it wasn’t for the fact I had football practice the same day and was tired and smelly. =p

I’ve never acted in a school play, but I was in the pit band my freshman and senior years in high school. 'Twas a good time.

I was: The Generic German in a play set in World War II…

The Singing Minstrel in a play set around the middle ages/renaissance…

And Malvolio in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Knight

Oh and, the Generic German had the following roles:

Hitler’s father; University Professor; Drunken Doctor; Military Psychiatrist; Sleazy Magician; and Gestapo Man.

It’s a whole decade ago, so I forgot.