Scariest or cutest Picture you will see today

Depending on your perspective.

Another one:

Ugly or Cute?

the first ones kinda scary and the second one is kinda cute i guess.

Trumpy you can do magic!

:moogle: Kudos to those who can guess what Cait is referencing.

I saw it on MST3k, but I don’t remember the name of the movie :p.

1st: creepy
2nd: cute.

I was imagining something a lot worse

I’m scared.

its called evil, kid.

The first one looks like an aye-aye(sp?). It’s a primate that has extended fingers that it uses to look for bugs in holes in trees and stuff. I think it’s pretty cute, and I especially enjoy how dark it looks… kind of evil in it’s own way! but of course, it isn’t actually evil, I mean that in a good way, of course.

And the second one looks like an ardvark. That one is also cute. They remind me of pigs… infact I think they’re related to pigs. Maybe Sin can answer that one for me. or maybe I can look it up myself! wow!!!

and both animals look like they’re infants.

magick? of course but it’s fun to imagine!

Pod People, it has nothing to do with pods, it has nothing to do with people, and has everything to do with hurting.

Ah yes, Pod People. The little kid in it was dubbed over or something, huh?

My dad and sister and I used “Trumpy” comments whilst MSTing “Dune.” Remember Alia? Yeah.

First one: kinda scary, though I cant say I jumped out of my seat.

Second one: Cute.

What on earth are they?

No. 1: “Yo quiero Taco Bell!”

No. 2: “That’ll do, pig… that’ll do.”


I’m with Nulani… What are they?

1st one cutely creepy. It’s eyes make it creepy.
2nd one is cute.
and whatever the heck xelopheris posted is scary.

awww, they’re so fuzzy and cute.