Scanning Problems

Not sure where I should ask for help about this, so I decided to post here. My apologies if this is the wrong forum.

You see, I’m trying to use my sister’s scanner so I can create pictures, sprites, etc. on my own, to be used in my posts and my stories. Thing is, my sister’s PC fried a few months ago- they had it fixed it with a new Motherboard, but apparently they forgot to replace ALL the software it had (and apparently, my sister -who knows even less about computers than I do- can’t find the original programming CDs.) The scanner (a flatbed one) won’t work with her PC anymore. After much experimenting, I found out that I CAN scan if I use the “insert graphics” options of the Wordperfect writing program it has. But of course, the pictures are only visible on WP documents.

I tried to use the scanner on my PC (wich has Windows XP- my sister’s uses Windows ME) and it won’t work. I found the right driver at the maker’s website, but the installing instructions were missing (!!!)

The best solution would be to find a way to convert WP images into JPG. or similar format, I know it can be done, but not how.

Otherwise, I would need some way to install the Mirascan driver on my PC.

Ideas, anyone?

I think you could try using the Add New Hardware in the control panels(probably not…but I use it to install my printer so I’m not sure)

Alternative: Open the image-imported WP file, and use the print screen button & save the clipboard as a [STRIKE]bmp[/STRIKE]/jpg/png.

Alternate alternative: You could always request for a sprite… :slight_smile: (isn’t that what this forum is for? or am I misunderstanding?)

Kos: Thanks for the advice. Indeed I could ask for sprites here, but I want to learn to do it on my own.

In any case, I seem to have found a solution. Or rather, one popped up out of nowhere. I just checked my sister’s PC, and a “imaging” option has suddenly appeared under “program/accesories”. It was NOT there before. ??? Did the PC develop it after I scanned via Wordperfect?

Whatever, it’s working. Oh by the way, it seems the scanner didn’t work on my pc because MY Windows XP is missing some software. Last time I tried it, it asked me for something from a disk I don’t have. I thought I had the full installation. > <