SC Discussion in the Chat

Well, I said I was gonna make a thread, and here it is.
I came in somewhere near the middle to the end of the discussion.
From what I gathered, it was a huge array of ideas for how an SC FPS should be done, and everything was discussed except the terrain.
From what I remember we had this:
[li]Tank shells = Major launching of dead bodies.
[/li][li]Buildings = C&C Renegade, sort of.
[/li][li]<strike>Building (buildings/abilities/etc.) = Natural Selection-esque “command console” for only one person.</strike>
[/li][li]Ghosts = Pwn (Lockdown would be interesting.)
Okay guys, fill me in on what I missed :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Apparently… thus

You should so be able to play as a Terran (or even Zerg/'toss) and take over any vehicle (Goliath/Tank/Wraith/etc.)

That works.

I have to draw some conceptual art for this >>;