Sayonara, Uematsu-san

This link speaks for itself. I’m happy as I see it as an opportunity to re-invent himself and also to free himself from corporate control.

Geesh, you scared me… I thought he died or something. ;_;
Anyway… I can’t say Uematsu’s music has really inspired me since FF6. I’ll be happy to get some young blood in. And he’s still freelancing, so it’s perfectly possible for him to do some compositions in the future for S-E… maybe even for a non-FF title. 8p

Wow, reading that article Square-Enix have lost a lot of good guys in the last coupla years. Shame. :frowning:

You scared me too, I thought he had died. Well this is great for him, but Final Fantasy is going to suffer quite a blow from this.

No kidding, it’s no wonder that their latest games are lacking the feeling of “Holy shit!” that their older productions had.

Chrono series mastermind and Chrono Cross director Masato Katou left the company in 2002

That was indeed a dark day for humanity.

Only bad news from an FF sense. By going freelance, he’ll actually be able to produce more music, and the type he wants to as well. :slight_smile:

God help FFXIII and onwards, though…

Thank god, I was starting to doubt his stuff after 7… This will help him as far as finding a new niche and it will help those of us who were getting bored with the less catchy tunes in FF games.

Nobuo Uematsu lost his focus after Hironobu Sakaguchi stopped producing Final Fantasy (after FFVII), and his inspiration has steadily faded. I doubt he’ll improve by leaving Square, but I’m hoping. Staying longer, anyway, would be a waste of time.

The Black Mages has: (All Battle themes Rock remix)

1 FF1
1 FF2
1 FF5 (Gilgamesh / Clash on the Big Bridge)
3 FF6 (Norm + Boss + Last Boss (Dancing Mad))
2 FF7 (J-E-N-O-V-A + Stanard Boss)
1 FF8 (Force your Way/Boss)
1 FFX (Fight With Seymour)

Is that him Hinting that FF6 is his favorate.

Big Nutter
Personally I Like FF8 Battle Tunes.