Say bye to this name only.

Shat ap a-you face!

The cless they’ll percieve is whatever was the screen name they took. Stop making such simple questions seem so mysterious

Originally posted by Yar Kramer
It’s great to be a nerd!
It’s great to be a nerd!
Tolkien was a genius
And Shakespeare was a turd!

That made me lose so much respect for you.

YOU had respect for Yar? Whats up with that?

Aww… And I liked that avatar. ;_; Or will you keep it?

Hmmm… name changing… I haven’t had to deal with it before now. Well, except once, for places that won’t accept the “-” in my name.

WHat I did, was the the last nmes of two of my favorite characters from a book series to create the name “Jaxell”. I loved the result :wink: (Garret JAX and Pe ELL)

I would suggest looking at characters you like, trying to find ways to combine/change the names. It can even be fun.

But if you change your name, you’ll no longer be Cless II. ClessNess will be Cless II. And then that female Cless will become Cless III rather than Cless IV. And you would forfeit all rights to the title of Cless I if you ever became Staff, pushing ClessAlvein from Cless I to Cless II…

Well damn, that’d just fuck everything up.

That was the most confusing thing in the universe, & I changed my name because I’ve had it for the 4 years I’ve been here at RPGC, & people won’t stop mocking the fact that my name isn’t original.

Originally posted by Yar Kramer
[b] How about –

Not Fhqwhgads.

Actually, I was going to say –

Or Moogle Man. Or Strong Bad.

Oh get out of here. [/b]

What’s up with your posts, all those little sprites are a waste of time, just get your point across, you’re NOT funny.

Cless, if you change anything, change the Cless. You could just be The Moogle.

Little do you know, YK is not merely a user but a whole company!

Well, screwing up your Cless numbering system is a definate plus for me, Megaman984.

I’m still trying to think of a name, and I’m trying to do so before tomarrow (7/17/2003), which is when the applications for Alexandria are SUPPOSED to be due.

you mean there was two clesses? I thought it was just one person that uses two names…wait a minute. there are four clesses. no wait, is it three now. I’m confuzzled.

Currently, there are four Clesses. Cless the Moogle was the first Cless. However, when ClessAlvein first visited the site, it was weird having two Clesses, so CtM became Cless I and ClessA became Cless II. Then ClessA joined the Staff, and by doing so pushed his status higher up than CtM’s. This made ClessA Cless I and CtM Cless II. Next, ClessNess joined the RPGCommunity, and since he was the third, he became Cless III. Next, some female Cless visited, and she took on the status of Cless IV. That should explain it.

<img src=“”> Change it to FARUK.

I’m afraid to ask, but is that suppost to mean anything?

<img src=“”> Adopting the name of FARUK will instantly show to the world that you know more about FF7 than anyone, and that if they don’t believe you, that you will send over your 12 meter tall Turk friends to slash open their faces.

And then you offer them a Jolt.

You could change it to something like Kupo or something else moogle related. It you want to join the more crazy side of RPGC you could call yourself the Kupo Nut.

I should have my name changed to FARUK! FARUK was the coolest!

<img src=“”> MASTER_FARUK came pretty close, though.