San Andreas

I just picked up, and it’s an awesome game. If you remotely like the GTA games, you should check this one out.

(You can get an Afro :D)

I’ve just reached the end of it. It’s by far the best game in the series, though a lot of people have complained about the “Boys in the Hood” setting. I’m not a big fan of rap music or the setting, but I rather enjoy how the game got it down fairly well. And the later missions are great fun, particularily the ones with a character named Mike Toreno.

My one complaint about the game is that it’s HUGE. Meaning, it takes a lot longer to drive from point A to point B, especially in some of the missions like the one where you have to take the wheat harvester.

Not everyone will like it, as some will probably get a feeling of “been there, done that.” But if you’re a fan of the games, I highly recommend it. It’s the best in the series in every aspect of the game, and some of the new stuff is just too much fun!

I have to wait until X-mas to get it. I’ve heard you can actually go into the casinos in the “Las Vegas” town and gamble. Maybe that means I get pick up a few show girls too :mwahaha: !

I rented it and ti is definitely awesome. I haven’t been a big fan of the GTA series, but this one is awesome. It actually could probably be considered an RPG for shrining. hint hint nudge nudge The missions are much more varied, the controls are tighter. I sort of liked GTA3, but Vice City just didn’t do it for me. The music was nice, but everything else sort of sucked. The city was boring, the characters weren’t as cool, etc. The variety in the game is awesome. I also like how there is finally stuff to spend money on and a reason to do random killings (since that is the main way to get money). The game has made me a fan, and I was one of the ones that didn’t see what the big hoopla was about the series.

I love the game, although my main annoyance is that you don’t seem to have as much health as in the older games. I’ve maxed the health bar and I still go down almost instantly when under heavy fire.

(And I still can’t do that darn Firetruck mission)

I got to play my cousin’s copy of the game yesterday. Pretty good, I think.

Oh, and let me just say that I have heard rap albums that use the word “nigga” with less frequency.

I love this game. :smiley: I LOVE the setting it is in, the whole early 90’s crips v bloods thing. I havn’t played the 2nd GTA (vice city), but compared to the first GTA (GTA3), this game is amazing. I love it. It is so well done. There is nothing you can’t do. San Andreas feels like a real city, and all the different subquests and stats never get old.

I don’t agree with what Dalton said, about the size. I think that really adds to the game, rather than detract from it. Each city has it’s own variety, and different feel. Also, gang wars never get old with so much ground to cover! :smiley:

The whole “stats” thing that is going on in this game rocks too. I don’t really remember if the other GTA’s had stats, but being able to upgrade your respect to get more homies, upgrade shooting skills to carry 2 SMPs, is really neat.

On the topic of respect, and homies, the gang system rocks. Basically, depending on how many missions/subquests you’ve beaten, you get higher respect. They higher your respect is, the more stuff you can do. Also, if you have high enough respect, you can recruit a team to cruise around with you. You can find a group of guys standing around, recruit them (as many as your respect level allows), and then go do a crime. They can take a defensive posistion, or follow you into the fray. They also are really helpful for backup when fighting multiple cops, and sniffing out where “Ballas” or the other gangs may be.

Also, if you get into a car with a group of homies, they will shoot out the windows doing drivebys, killing gang members. This makes it easier to pull of small jobs, since you don’t even have to stop moving.

And the missions, oh god, the missions. They’re so great. Right now i am very early in the game (finishing the missions for caesar in Los Santos), but i already have some memorable mission expeirences. (right now i’m thinking of the mission for Big Smoke, where you have to break into the russian mafia’s skyscraper and kill them all, then ride out on a motorcyle shooting backward at the other bikes and cars chasing you )

All in all this game rocks, and it was more than worth the 50 bucks. The only gripe i have with the game is the auto target system, but i hardly use it now that i have an AK and SMP. The gang wars, and territory system is hellah awesome in itself, and i could play just doing wars for days.

Info: Yea, it really could be considered an RPG. That would be a kickass shrine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

San Andreas is easily the best of the lot. You can believe, from the size of it, that it is a whole state- it’s just so damned huge! There’s just everything that made Vice City good plus lots, lots more. My fave at the moment? Doing bike stunts off the mountain into the Fiskerman’s Lake (can’t remember exact name but it’s something like that).

And it’s got Samuel L. Jackson in it. You can’t top that for cool. :smiley:

Sage on Radio X is Girl version of Laslow on V-Rock/Chatterbox.

Big Nutter
I’ve not played on but My Brother has constantly.

I’m getting it next friday. It looks cool. I just have to be careful about my mom hearing the language in it. She’ll probably take it back. But she’ll let me listen to D12’s uncensored CD’s. I hate when parents condradict themselves. Being 15 sucks.

Then you don’t want her to see any of the game’s cutscenes. Seriously.

Especially the first San Fierro cutscene, which is basically CJ yelling a steady stream of “fuck” and derivations of it for a little while, as well as other nice words.




I don’t think any one person could seriously shrine it alone, the game is nothing short of enormous.

While I may have liked the setting in Vice City better (Godfather instead of Boyz N Da Hood), San Andreas is amazing. The missions are fun and you can do anything from date girls to parachute off high buildings. I’m almost done with the first San Andreas missions.

I have a gripe with the fact I can cycle faster than I drive certain cars. (Maxed biking skill and muscles in two days or so…)

YEah, and you can die if you don’t eat. AND WHERE ARE MY FREE HEALTH ICONS!?
(Good thing prostitutes are ‘free’ health, if you bang 'em and then bang 'em.)

If you do the Pimping Missions (like Paramedic or Vigilante, except… Pimping) you get paid for picking up prostitutes, rather than the other way around.

Did they expand upon the use of narcotics in the game?

I just completed it last night. 8)

By the way, drug use has been expanded upon. There are a few scenes with characters doing hits off of a bong, and one of the missions has the camera bobbing up and down and all around to simulate a “high” effect.

I got this game last week. It’s awesome, the size of the game is actually one of the things I love about it. Since with the last two, once you found everything, that was it and that usually took about a month or so. But with this it is gonna take ages to have a look at everything, and to truly know the place.

One of my friends is really unlucky, since he is playing on getting for PC. And the PC release date has been pushed back to around June. Ouch.