Samurai Spirits

What does the POW meter thing do?

uhh you know there’s like at least six Samurai Spirits games, right? And, you know they’re called Samurai Shodown in the U.S?

I am talking about the first one, and I kind of knew that…

Well, the reason I brought it up is because, if you want help…

  1. You probably should mention which of the six games in the series you’re talking about, and

  2. You should probably use the English name, so people know what the hell you’re talking about besides fighting game enthusiasts.

In any case, I don’t know the answer to your question cos the first one sucks. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the special meter. When it’s full, you can do a special move that disarms your opponent.

First one does suck, though. Samurai Spiritshowdown II was the only one I liked all that much.

Yeah, SamSho 2 was awesome. I heard the sixth one, Samurai Shodown Tenka, was really good too; but I never played it. But yeah, one, three and four sucked…and I think that five was just kinda boring.

Incidentally, you can finish Samurai Shodown 1 by jumping and hitting, w/o knowing any special moves at all.

I think I played the first two games, but didn’t really see or play the others after that. Anything else I know about the games, I read from HG101.

I will say that II was pretty good, though.

lol that is what I do.

And now that I have realized this, I don’t like it anymore. Thanks.

Hey guys after someone told me the game I like sucks I realized that I didn’t like it anymore.

I just realized that is all you have to do.

I thought I liked Mario but then I realized that I could solve all my problems with running and jumping. What an epic fail.

You could start playing games against real people who will be (hopefully) smarter than to be beat by spammed jumping attacks - the single most dangerous thing to do in a 2D fighter.

I can’t do that. I use my psp for snes games, and the multiplayer sucks.

First you pick a piece of music, then set your actions to it. I call this Bugs-Bunny gaming.

Yes, but why just settle for running and jumping when you can spit fireballs or duck? Perhaps climbing and swimming would do you some good too? Eh?


I thought I liked Mario but then I realized that I could solve all my problems with the full-POW-bar racoon suit. What an epic fail.
is pretty accurate for most of SMB3’s stages. Hoarders don’t face such problems though.

I still play it, and kind of like it. Its just not as great knowing that I am not as great. Now I am just trying on new characters, its working… a little.