Samurai Pizza Cats!

Oh Yeah!

Carry on.

I completely missed this back in the day and I never got around to going back and retroactively checking it out.

I remember watching that show when I was a kid. I miss it :confused:

I have it downloaded, but my wife always passes it up when I remember to suggest it as something to watch. <— for those who played the game and want to see it finished quickly.

Her loss!

So while I was randomly browsing around on the Internet, I was suddenly reminded that C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa was a thing at one point. And that I remember watching that for however long it was on (which probably wasn’t that long since I hardly remember a damn thing about it; other than it basically amounting to Gunsmoke to the tune of Twenty-something Mutant Cowboy Cattle).

I downloaded both the japanese and english version of Samurai Pizza Cats to check out the differences.

The Japanese version is really, really, really not funny by comparison. :confused:

The American version makes jokes about a retirement home for Ninja Turtles in the first episode, it blew my mind a little.

Also reading about the serie made me sad that it only ever had 1 season, apparently they had plans for so much more.