Samurai Champloo...

This show is so good. I cant wait to see more eps.

episode 3 is out! I had to go to Isohunt to find it but the sub was just released yesterday.

yea that show kicks ass ! its an awsome anime!
you should watch naruto you can get the download here
or go to this show rocks!!!

Episode 4 has been subbed!

This anime is so cool. It keeps getting better and better. The animation is so awesome.

It looks like its drawn like Macross Zero/Arjuna/liscened royal

You know anime style is getting more serious

Too bad the current episode has now proved to be not just a two parter, but three. The raw for 5 is out, but it hasn’t been subbed yet. I’ll be sure to keep you informed when new ones are availible.

two words: kick ass

just fyi: episode 12 is out, though I’ve yet to see a torrent for it. From what I here, it is just a summary episode.

Aaaah, I wanna see Samurai Champloo!! I know my bro downloaded it…so hopefully he’ll show me sometime. XD From the makers of Bebop–that’s a veddy good sign indeed.
I love the artwork that I’ve seen for it though. Wow, is that stylish, or what? XD I wanna draw like that…