Saint Evans in Dungeons and Dragons

How powerful would St Evans, from Breath of Fire II, be in Dungeons and Dragons? Bear in mind he has a global religion.

He’d most likely be a greater deity, and not a lesser one like Lolth.

Lolth’s Lesser now? I know I haven’t kept up with my D&D in years, but I find it hard to believe they degraded the Spider-Queen of the Drow to lesser goddess. Maybe she finally killed off most of her worshipers? :stuck_out_tongue:

She is only worshiped by Drow and a very small amount of humans. She’s not like Bane (A fellow evil god) who is worshiped in sects spanning the entire globe, or Mystra (a good-ish god), who is Worshiped in most cities by her clergy and by citizens and also unwittingly worshiped by those whom practice arcane magic.

I think it was the forgotten realms handbook that had all that information. Lolth may be a lesser goddess, but that doesn’t make her any less powerful to a mortal being (or to any immortal beings below her either).

Good job guys!