Saga Frontier DSC learning records.

The fastest I’ve learnt the DSC has to be T260’s quest when Emelia learnt it. I had her for about thirty minutes and she learnt it. I got it by finishing Sei’s Tomb doing 2 battles in the Swamp and 2 battles in Mu’s Tomb :yipee:

I hate you. Took me an hour at LEAST for Blue to Learn it. More likely 2, I lost track of time.

Yea, but that’s BLUE. Why are you having him use Martial Arts anyway?

If you really want to learn it fast, do Emelia’s Quest and use the Pink Tiger super hero costume. Also, you automatically get Liza who is fantastic learning Kung Fu techs.

I was 2 hours into T260’s quest though because of the part with junk and the Scrap’s factory.

It’s simple: I turned him into the Ultimate Warrior. I taught him every magic, swordtech, and Martial Arts skill in the game, including some of the counter techs that really serve no purpose whatsoever. His stats grew to as high as I could grow them, and I gave him the best equipment he could get. He was a walking One-man Army, and he Obliterated the Helllord. That’s why Blue is my favorite character: because I turned him into a powerhouse.

Around 30 minutes with Doll.