saga frontier 2

i think that it is the best of SaGa.
any commentS?

The SaGa Maniac community moves at a glacial pace, so don’t be surprised to wait days or even weeks for a reply.

That being said, SaGa Frontier II is my favorite SaGa at the moment, though a lot of fans seem to consider Romancing SaGa II the best one.

I loved Saga Frontier 2. My favorite by far, but I really haven’t played that many saga games.

[That being said, SaGa Frontier II is my favorite SaGa at the moment, though a lot of fans seem to consider Romancing SaGa II the best one.[/QUOTE]

Is there a translation patch for Romancing Saga II? I know there is one for III. If so, am interested in knowing more about it…and possibly RS1 too.

Only played Saga Frontier 2 and Unlimited Saga. Not too impressed, I but loved the hand painted graphics.

There is no completed translation patch for either RS I or II. Last time I checked, both projects were stuck at 5%. Pity, since RS III is my favorite Saga thus far.

The Romancing Saga I remake, RS: Minstrel Song, is on S-E’s list for E3. It has already been released in Japan, so I’m assuming that the E3 announcement is for the NA release. Romour has it slated for a mid to late summer '05 release.

Weren’t Saga 1/2/3 the FFL games in America?

Yes to above poster. They’re the first three Saga games, but I believe we’re talking about the Romancing Saga games…respectively 4, 5, and 6 of the series. I played Final Fantasy Legends III, which was ok.

those final fantasy legends were pretty BAD!
it just took final fantasy as its name for the sales, and it was pretty. BAD

Pfft, they were not. SaGa 2 is one of the finest games in the series. Not to mention one of the best GameBoy games made, regardless of genre. SaGa I has its charm, and gets a place of nostalgia for starting the series. SaGa 3 is actually a good game, though not very SaGa-ish and definitely a letdown in many ways after the fantastic SaGa 2. But again, it’s still a good game.

I personally don’t have a favorite SaGa and I refuse to have one. It makes the games much more enjoyable that way for some reason. I like all the SaGa games in general. I just wish enemies in SF2 leveled up with me and that the game was a bit more open with what I can do.

anyway, st. ajora, do you know utopiahan from gamefaqs board?
he is all over saga game. he knows all.

Yes I know him from Gamefaqs. Oh yeah on a side note. Meythia remains my favorite aspect of SaGa Frontier 2.

I couldn’t beat the final bosses, even though I grinded. I even deleted my data

Should I even bother playing again? What should I do next time to prevent gimping?

I dealt with the final boss by going through the game again, but this time I leveled up more and fought in the tower with Ghosts until I got enough dead stones. Then I experimented until I found a decent combo to use. It’s been awhile and I even forgot the name of the tower. My mistake was forgetting to make a safe save and rushing the game.

Why wasn’t leveling up at the final dungeon good enough?

With Gustav, there’s nowhere to level up at the end.

It’s also pretty tricky, since a lot of characters aren’t used at the end. And the way the quells and stuff get distrubuted, its pretty disorganized

Plus, leveling up is really tricky. You gotta do certain stuff to get certain stats up. And to get moves, you gotta do this weird dueling stuff. Getting combos is tricky. It’s like you have to use a guide to get decent attacks

I’m guessing Unlimted SaGa was like this

Well the thing is in terms of the final area. I figured the best way to deal with LP damage of the final boss was to get dead stones. Plus there was no Inn in the final area. Either way the way things stood it was just better to start over.

Also leveling up in SaGa Frontier 2 is extremely simple as it were. It follows the same ideal as a lot of SaGa games. The hard part if anything comes from the fact the enemies don’t level up with you. So in other words you may face too much time facing enemies that are too weak for you.

As for combos. You can force the characters to act in a specific order and then experiment a bit to find combos. Which is what I ended up doing. As for learning techs in duel battle. It’s a mixed bag. The more moves a “tech” requires to activate in duel battle the less likely it will. I really only bother with trying to learn the techs that require 2-3 moves. Simply because I tend to use the defend command every round.

Unlimited SaGa is quite different than SaGa Frontier 2 in terms of how to level up and such. A quick example is combos. Any attack in Unlimited SaGa can combo with another attack. You just simply choose hold to start a combo and then go to activate. Or you can hold twice and then choose Go for a larger combo for example. The catch is if the enemy’s turn comes up when you hold the enemy can interrupt your combo. So there is the matter of learning the timing and such.

If the enemies don’t level up with you, and you level up all the wrong stats, it sounds like you’ll end up with a gimped character

In frontier, I’m not sure if I had decent characters. The bosses seemed pretty hard, so my characters were probably off balance

So you leveled up your guys in that one tower, but weren’t there different guys at the end? And gustav had a whole army

There are no right or wrong stats in SaGa Frontier 2. It’s more of a case of sticking to a battle plan. Ie choose a few types of skills to level up and stick to it for that character. For example in the case of Meythia, the weapon I had her stick with was Axe.

As for the tower. Are you talking about the bosses? I think there is a Lich boss there. If you mean do the enemies change. They more or less stay the same from what I remember. Also while leveling up is slow in SF2, it still happpens anyway. Or do you mean something else?