Saga Frontier 2 question.

Okay, so in Wil Knights’ scenario, you fight Alexei Sergein, and he calls some Dragons to kick your ass. Your aunt Nina then sacrifices herself to beat them, and heal your guys, so you can take Alexei and his weaker monsters on yourself. Now, I was wondering, what would happen if I beat the super-hard monsters before Nina Dies? Is it possible to save her? I wanna ask the professionals before trying this too hard, since it probably wouldn’t even work, but I still wanna know.

Try aaaaaalll you want, it’s impossible :stuck_out_tongue:

Impossible as in, they have infinite amount of HP, or as in it’s, as GG Crono so eloquently put it, “A Gades Bladian attempt”? Cause there is a difference.

I don’t know if they have infinite HP, but it’s feasible. You’d probly have to start over and gather the best techs though, because it’s virtually impossible to get good techs on the Granite Quarry. You’d also have to start over to stock on items because to get powerful enugh to beat them would be quite an undertaking. I still don’t think it’s possible, they hit you for like, what, 600 a shot sometimes? I barely have more than that when I BEAT the game, and mind you, natural defense seems to go up each generation, so 600 in Wil Knights’s era doesn’t go nearly as far as 600 in Ginny Knights’s era. You’d have to hit waaay more than that :stuck_out_tongue:

Impossible as in you just can’t do it. People have altered the code to see what would happen if Wil et al could dish out damage comparable to Nina’s last stand, and they just can’t kill those dragons. It has to be Nina, and it has to be her special attack - it’s a required game event.

Yep, their right. It’s impossible to kill those darn things, Nina has to do it.

Gah! The first time I played I never used Nina and I spent FOREVER trying to kill those dragons.

Heh! I fought it a few times without Nina, and I came back to it a few hours of Gameplay later, and just randomly decided to use Nina. I was like “YAAAY.” :stuck_out_tongue:

On a second note, is it possible to beat the Gryphons? I considered power levelling my Wil Knights party in his first scenario, but after awhile I got bored. I’ve put up a few good fights, taking down a few tens of thousands of HP, but never actually killed one.

Yes, you can kill Gryphons. They have 20000+ HP though, and their rewards (both material and chance to gain ‘levels’) are really crappy compared to the effort required to kill them.

Dammit Gryphons are bastards, they have 22000HP and drop terrible items. they are really not worth the whole effort. (Any one got the sevenstar sword? the mightiest weapon i found was the cinderforge sword)

The Seven Star Sword requires a PocketStation to acquire.

fuck, so i have to get a Pocket Station. Does the Sevenstar have any special abilities?

It has 77 Attack Power (very nice!)… and 7 Durability (very bad!). It may be able to cast Megabolt, but that’s pointless considering the Eternity Staff can do that without breaking. I’ve never gotten one myself, as I have no PocketStation, so this info is just what I know from people with Ultimania Guides or a PocketStation or a GameShark. Seems to me the only use of this sword would be to land a few good hits on the Egg when using something like Multi-Way or Gale Sword. Thus it’s not enough of a reason to get a PocketStation.

Then I’ll keep the Cinderforge, And use combos for nice Damage, thanks a lot