Yesssssssssssssss Survival horror for the Wii. God that looks like it is going to be awesome!


This trailer just makes me want to wait for REV. Or at least Eternal Darkness 2.

You are the cancer that is killing RPGC.

Clearly I am the only one who has researched this game, so let me summarize:

-Non-combat based survival psychological horror.
-Gothic setting in a pre-WW1 era.
-No menus/healthbars/ect; an attempt at total immersion.
-Roots in Slavic mythology.
-Completely done in Black and White.
-Uses the Wii remote to perform the majority actions with hand motions.

If you are so inclined: Sadness


…Wow. I’m not the biggest fan of survival horror - the closest thing to it I’ve ever really tried was Parasite Eve. But that was freakin’ amazing. I actually might give that game a try, when I finally get that Wii.

And the Wii gets another point in Glenton’s table of comparison.

The trailer and info evokes for me the atmosphere of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (i.e. the book). If they pull something like that off, mad props will be in order. [strike]Otherwise back to Castlevania[/strike]

Ooo. I want!

adds to wish list

If it were FF7, I’d give it a Hyper.

But for this, I’ll probably need a tranquilizer. Imagine the insane swinging around on a panicky it came from behind-moment.

Aw man, I wanna play that! :open_mouth:

I’d play it, but only if you can punch things with the wiimote.