sadness?? happyness??

just gotta spill this…

a very close friend and ex-colleague of mine passed away last monday, he died in a car crash… it was the 3rd person I knew very well that died in the last 6 months… he was only 24 years old.

on the other hand,

there’s this girl who is also working with me. Who I became friends with and she, well ehm she’s really cute and (for the first time of my life) for some strange reason she is attracted to me. so I was going to ask her out last monday.

but then the terrible news of my friends death kicked in, so I didn’t ask her out, and now, I’m not really sure what I want anymore. I feel like a schizophrenic., one moment I am already walking up to her to ask her out but the next moment I feel so terribly guilty cause I’m in a sort of happy state…

thanks for reading anyway, feel free to comment

Ask her out.

Ask her out. Your friend would want you to do that, am I right?

Feeling guilty is natural. You’ve grieved, and if you can move on really quickly, then great for you. Don’t dwell on something that will disturb you for awhile, if you can help it.

The past is the past, now is only the present and the future. Listen to Sinistral.

Ask her out, im sure she could help you feel better about your friend too.

Ask her out.
Let the one who passed away rest in peace. Keeping him in your heart is enough.

Ask her out.

Ask her out.

Your friend’s death does not relate to the girl in anyway. Ask her out.

Make your own decision rather than relying on the consensus from a bunch of stranger. Yeah, I’m being hypocritical, as I used to do that all the time- but really, you should just do what you think is right.

If you think it is right to wait, wait. If you think that you should ask her out, go for it.

Do what you’re going to look back on in five or ten years and not regret.

If you feel bad that your friend died, don’t ask her out untill your sure its what you want. You might do something stupid if you feel emotional.

If your not sure what your want, wait till you do know what you want, I’m sure she’ll understand

your friend would have wanted for you to be happy, but if the grief is much, wait. Ask her when the moment is right.

If your own happiness makes you feel guilty, I’d get serious help.

Even in this context. You’re not happy about about what happened. You’re happy about something else, so don’t worry about it, and ask her out.